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Re: Theos-World Boris de Zirkoff's "corrections" of variant spellings

May 21, 2001 08:45 PM
by Vera Santos


"it" reffers to the circle divided by a perpendicular
line she mentions above:
... when the figure became the circle ... with the
races of our Fifth Race it became ... 

I don't have the "Source of Measures" here, but she
states (footnotes) that sacr' is a phallic word so,
I'm gessing, just guessing that both sacr' and
N'cabvah have to do with phallicism ( worship of the
phallus especially as symbolic of power or generative
principle of nature- according to Random House) 



--- Blavatsky Archives <>
escreveu: > 
> SUBJECT: Boris de Zirkoff's "corrections" of
> variant spellings
> As a student of HPB's writings, I am always trying
> to understand what 
> she is writing about. Many times I have to try to
> grapple with a 
> word that I don't understand and I try to ascertain
> what is the 
> meaning of the term, etc. 
> Take the words on the following pages of the SD:
> QUOTATION A: sacr' n'cabvah SD, I, 5
> QUOTATION B: sacr n'cabrah SD, I, 390
> QUOTATION C: Zachar Nakobeh SD, II, 127
> QUOTATION D: sacr n'cabvah SD, II, 467 
> Are we to conclude that there are only TWO Hebrew
> words under 
> discussion and on these pages of the SD we have 3
> variant English 
> spellings of each Hebrew word?
> Hebrew Word 1 = sacr' = sacr = Zachar
> Hebrew Word 2 = n'cabvah = n'cabrah = Nakobeh
> What is the significance (if any) of the differences
> in spellings?
> I assume Boris de Zirkoff concluded that the subject
> matter involved 
> only two Hebrew words and that for whatever
> reason(s) variant 
> spellings had crept into the SD manuscript. He
> probably consulted 
> with Anava Kantor about this matter. See Vol. I p.
> [79] in CW 
> edition of SD. Following guidline 3 on p. [77] Vol.
> I he corrected 
> all spellings to "zakhar" and "negebah". [He was
> not totally 
> sucessful in these corrections since there is still
> one variant 
> spelling in the CW edition!]
> If anyone believes that there is some significances
> to these variant 
> spellings I would like some feedback on what these
> variant spellings 
> are intended to convey that is not apparent to the
> "scholarly eye".
> Also I do not completely understand what HPB is
> trying to convey in 
> the following quotation:
> ". . . With the races of our Fifth Race it became in
> symbology
> the 
> sacr', and in Hebrew n'cabvah, of the first-formed
> races;* then it 
> changed into the Egyptian . . . ." SD, I, 5
> What does the first "it" stand for?
> Specifially, what does this phrase mean:
> "in symbology the sacr', and in Hebrew n'cabvah"
> One student has emailed me saying that he believes
> HPB is writing in 
> this phrase about only ONE Hebrew word; not two.
> I notice in the Boris de Zirkoff edition that Boris
> has not only 
> changed the spelling of the two Hebrew terms but has
> also rearranged 
> and changed some of the other words in the sentence.
> Why was this 
> done????
> Daniel
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