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RE: Theos-World 6. RE: Re:Motive -- a PARADOX.

May 18, 2001 04:29 AM
by dalval14

Friday, May 18, 2001


Dear Friend:


No matter how you slice it:  the IMMORTAL aspect of each being -- starting with the “grain of sand” and then, rising through the Man stage, and ending with the INFINITE WISDOM OF A BUDDHA.  It is the fundamental MONAD whichis the ETERNAL PILGRIM.


The pilgrimage for the Monad is one whereby it imparts the Universal Wisdom that it HAS to the next Monad in line which seeks to acquire and use benevolently this knowledge.  In a relay race it might be called the “passing of the baton.” 


As Isee it, and in my words:  It has to do with the widening and universalizing in each INDIVIDUAL MONAD of the universal CONSCIOUSNESS  [ your Truth Absolute ]. 


Each individual Monad of lesser experience that has aggregated to the principal WISE MONAD within  (Krishna within) is elevated by the “bodhisattva vehicle” becoming a full BUDDHA.  The divine Tutor associated with each individual human Monad ( S.D. II 167 ) has accomplished its mission. 


A new Buddha is born, and it may resume its “service” elsewhere -- but will always remain in touch with its “pupil,” the Arjuna who has permitted the inner KRISHNA [ Atma -- the HIGHER SELF]  to manifest through him.  But even this is allegorical to the real thing.


You may prefer to distinguish between “Krishna” the HIGHER SELF (Owner of the ‘field’) and ‘Arjuna’ (Nara -- man) at present the “pupil” in the UNIVERSAL SONG -- BHAGAVAD GITA -- in ourselves,  as the HIGHER SELF (Atma)  and the higher aspect of the LOWER SELF (Kama-Manas seeking to become Buddhi-Manas) holding a dialog on the path of RIGHT LIVELIHOOD.


The fact remains that the eternal principles which in man are derived from their Source in nature are all resolvable ultimately into the ONE  [see S.D. I  570-575]


Best wishes,








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All is indeed well with the above although this student prefers to relate the
phrase "Master in us" to  POTENTIAL Master in us as even as
advanced as , let us say Arjuna is he still knows he is NOT Krishna , yet
feels he can achieve with the HELP of that GREAT SOUL Truth Absolute?   ....
then comes the great mystery as to the point where does the student leave off
and the Master begin.


Subject: RE: Re: Motive -- a PARADOX.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Dear Friend:

Yes H.P.B. acknowledges that she was the agent or deputy of a MASTER OF
WISDOM.  She also indicated that the original Theosophical Literature was
the combined gift of a number of such ADEPTS -- but she was closely allied
to the work of two of them who had the general welfare of humanity at heart.

And those THREE ( for in one of Their letters They claimed her as Their
colleague  ) we may see the manifestation of those primeval archetypes from
which all of our terrestrial wisdom springs

She also acknowledged her particular Master who gave her the drop of
“essence” that opened the eyes of the person named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
so that she became (at least to us) H.P.B.

She gives an account of these things in that series of letters of hers,
printed in THE PATH (after her death) by Mr. Judge (Vols. 8, 9, 10)  and
recently reprinted.

But more than that, she indicated that we all have a “Master” innate in us.
[ See TRANSACTIONS ( pp 66-76; and BCW Vol. X pp 252-263)

In manifestation, the MONAD of each human being consists of the imperishable
combination of ATMA (Spirit Universal--a “ray” thereof),  BUDDHI (the
accumulated Wisdom of the ages through which, that Monad has lived and
experienced life -- and through which it can contact every other Monad in
the Universe, and secure from them their individual experience), and
MANAS -- the One impartial and imperishable RAY which emanates from the
ABSOLUTENESS that is the “background of All -- AND WHICH IS ABLE TOPERCEIVE
the interaction not only at all levels of ATMA and BUDDHI, but gives each
“Human Monad” its independence and its “Power to Choose.”

So we have the Individual Master innate to ourselves, and the Master who is
our friend and Guide on the rocky Path to Perfection.  [One who has already
reached Perfection and who has chosen to remain to help humanity work to
achieve to this elevation that is within the reach of all.]

In each incarnation self-effort purifies the pathway so that the “External
Master” may assist the internal one to illuminate the embodied and aspiring
mind of a self-purified personality.

Best wishes,



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