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RE: Dual mind and feeling of "I am I"

May 18, 2001 04:29 AM
by dalval14

Friday, May 18, 2001



Dear Friends:


May I butt in ?


As Isee it, in Theosophy we have a doctrine that posits two EGOS in each human.



There is the HIGHER SELF  ( Atma-Buddhi-Manas) and the LOWER SELF a kind of reflection of the HIGHER in the conjoined principles of LOWER MANAS and KAMA (DESIRES AND PASSIONS).



This relates to the duality of the Mind Principle.  By free-choice it can in each of us ally itself either with the Immortal and the Universal HIGHER SELF or with the evanescent Personal SELF -- the embodied brain-mind.



There are a number of good references to help us with this study.



The first concept we need to grasp is the IMMORTALITY OF THE HIGHER SELF -- ATMA -- A “RAY” OF THE ONE spirit THAT PERVADES EVERY PART OF space.



MONAD  --  That while in evolution,  the immortal partof each human is the MONAD ( orATMA (spirit) conjoined indissolubly with BUDDHI (the speck (?) of PRIMORDIAL MATTER ).



MIND    --   While in evolution, MANAS (the Mind principle -- Perceiver, Thinker, rememberer, anticipator) is closely associated with the immortal MONAD;  and, in effect, during Manvantara (manifestation) every minutest part of Nature (including the root of man’s consciousness) is endowed with the same identical potencies because of this never-to-be-destroyed relationship.



CONSCIOUSNESS  --  Man’s “consciousness is ONE, and not many although he PERCEIVES on every plane of being he passes through or acts on.  Added to this is the fact that every MONAD is in immediate association with every other Monad, and shares in its memories, experiences, and Wisdom. 



A UNIVERSAL LIVING BOND  --  When the INDIVIDUAL SPIRITUAL EGO becomes wise it does so because it has made itself entirely harmless to every other being   The wisdom and power of the entire universe lies awaiting the touch of the Master Magician. 



WISDOM --  But to become wise the Ego has atall times and with no possible exceptions be an ALTRUIST.  As a BUDDHA  ( or Wise One) he must serve Nature and all her evolving creatures.  His responsibility is enormous ashe becomes a portion of the Universal KARMA of LIFE.  His responsibility is, then, to assist and follow the LAW OF KARMA, while lending to the World and Mankind his special wisdom and the present EXAMPLE OF RIGHT LIVELIHOOD he exhibits at all times.






Perhaps the best is THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY by H.P.B. -- the duality and nature of MONAS (Mind) is carefully described and its importance shown.  [  see pp.  90-3, 116-122, 135-6, 178-84,  158-9,  164-5,  188-90 ]



In the SECRET DOCTRINE,  Vol. II pp. 167,  225, 247, .254-5  H.P.B. explains the nature of this duality.



In TRANSACTIONS OF THE BLAVATSKY LODGE,  H.P.B., answering the queries of her students about the nature of CONSCIOUSNESS and DREAMS describes this dual nature of Manas and the important nature of the inter-related dialogs between the two -- see TRANS.  Pp.  65 to 77  (BCW  Vol. 10, pp. 252-263.



It is an abstruse subject but is logically a part of the THREE FUNDAMENTALS  (  S.D.  I  14-19 )



It indicates that the whole of NATURE -- the UNIVERSE -- is a sensitive and united WHOLE.  And that mankind represents a mid-way stage in the evolution of UNIVERSAL WISDOM -- A SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS that enables the Individual Spiritual Man to perceive and KNOW any detail of the past or present because as a MONAD he/she is in immediate contact with every other Monad and their stored and imperishable memories.



Best wishes,








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I agree that you have a telling quote from the SD that appears to answer the
question.  Most to the point, you quote "since it is only througha vehicle
of matter that consciousness wells up as =93I am I,=94 a physical basis=
necessary to focus a ray of the Universal Mind".

But somehow I suspect we are missing something here.  I always worry about
jumping to the absolute too quickly.  Actually always have.  Herefor
example, I imagine almost everyone would agree that they sense an "I am I"
that is obvious.  While I sit here typing I know full well that I am I.  I
know I am me.  I know I am not the other person.  From memory I even write
my name at the end of this letter.  I detect this sense of identity as
easily as I know where my mouse is.  What about this sense of myself?  Might
Phil have been asking about that?  Where does this sense of myself arise in
the dual mind?  It is there isn't it?  Everyone (almost?) knows about their
own sense of self don't they?  Would this point to lower mind?  If not, then
why not?

And as Phil appeared to ask - does that sense of self survive reincarnation?
This is a "must answer" question.

What an interesting subject and a good way to align our understanding
pending some rational offerings.
If I may offer this:
There are so many intimations of initiations into "Mysteries" that one
could , after some references to the bible , theosophical works , and other
works that have to do with the sacred , learn of the "Second birth" as
referenced by St. Paul ?, perhaps , in his saying that a birth is necessary
after our physical birth , in order to establish , a tie in to our Second
"I" and that without out that self-consciousness remains JUST that:  i.e.
self     consciousness. or I am (awareness of our mouse pointer , perhaps)
Every reference seems to point to this kind of RE-lighting of the I am I in
us as a pre requisite of discerning "Right" action on the physical plane
thus overcoming the so called "natural" egotism of the personal Iand
utilizing it to re-align the  , again , the "lower" 1st born mind with the
Universal mind via the instrumentality of a re-birthing process that must ,
of course remain secretive in its nature being so precious to our life in
the REAL.
Somebody once remarked that , you wouldn't put your own baby out in a main
highway to fend for itself and hope it would survive the traffic and so it
is with the re-born. There seems to be a connection to Jesus' statement to
his disciples by his saying they were all "Children of G' D" which to us
seems to refer to an even younger "babyhood" in the Spirit without which
there is only I am.
Hope this is of some help.


A small extract from the Letters of W.Q.J.


The true direction is pointed out, and the student is left to
clarify his own perceptions, to draw upon and enlarge his own
intuitions, and to develop, by his own inward exertions.
Such students have passed the point where their external
environment can affect their growth favorably. They may learn
from it, but the time has also come to resist it and turn to the
internal adjustment to higher relations only.

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