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RE: Theos-World Re:Motive -- a PARADOX.

May 16, 2001 04:29 PM
by dalval14

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Re BLACK MAGIC, etc...

Dear Friend:


Here is a note which perhaps serves to explain further my thesis
on behalf of altruism as an actual discipline recommended in the
practice of Theosophical thinking and self-discipline

See if it serves:

Some have asked about developing the powers latent in the
Embodied Brain-Mind, since Theosophy recognizes the fact that
CONSCIOUSNESS uses this vehicle on our plane of daily living.
The problem with the study of Chakras, Kundalini and Tantras is
that they all focus on mental powers relative to the personality.
In one way, out of curiosity, a frontier that is dangerous to the
Personal man, may be crossed. Usually the inquirer, is a novice,
or inspired by some tendency from a past life that "dares" him to
go on-- but, he may not realize that the true POWERS of the
Universe -- as focused through the HIGHER MIND (in each of us) --
are made available only to those who are totally dedicated to the
assistance of Humanity as a whole, and not at all on personal
self-development. The universal and impersonal altruism of a
Mind directed at those spiritual aspects of thought helps to form
a protective "wall," so to say, which then, may link with the
"Guardian Wall" that the Great Ones erect for the general
protection of Humanity. [ See VOICE OF THE SILENCE, p. 74]

It refers to the problem of the LOWER MIND that is attracted by
this kind of psychic, and personal aggrandizement, whereby it
seeks to secure and develop MENTAL powers on the lower planes
with which to dominate others to their detriment. For this
reason and as a safe-guard Theosophy says very little if anything
about them. It diverts attention to those principles that are
universal for every Man / Mind as well as for mankind.
Brotherhood and the service of others with such wisdom as we may
have acquired is the course recommended. It is practical

If you want a practical illustration in literature of this kind
of thinking read in Dostoevsky's THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV the tale
of the GRAND INQUISITOR, and how he treats Jesus when He returns
without notice, and visits him in Seville during an Auto da Fe
during the time of the Inquisition. It is an eye-opener. It
shows how vice is an exaggerated virtue. "Demon es Deus

As Powers it declares that their danger is such, that even a
description of their development is dangerous because the IDEAS
will remain impacted in the astral light around us all -- so, for
the moment avoided, even though those methods are well known to
the Mahatmas and their Messenger: H.P.B. The power of the
Astral Light to mislead and deceive is a very great one.

I add a few notes below, in the body of yours.

Best wishes,



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Hi Dallas,
My enquiry was not to seek out such dangerous interests but to
discover why Theosophy has such reticence about the particulars
concerning black magic.
I'm sure Theosophy has a fine reason, but it could be a little
more forthcoming.
DTB H.P.B. has already done this -- here are
To offer protection for the unwary, and a method of identifying
attempts by foolish practitioners.
I know for sure that in a past experience I must have been in
some way
associated with this unwholesome business, and I abhor any such
thing, in
this life, the very Idea of subverting another's free will is
evil. I
can tell I still have some attributes that can be utilized, but I
have none of it.
And its a sorry fact that others feel it is a good
thing. I suspect there must be a reason that it has survived, but
I have
not the talent nor the will to discover, as to why. I know that
in the
past some power was employed for some good, but like you have
the motive is all.
DTB Have you ever read Bulwer-Lytton's ZANONI ? Also
his book A STRANGE STORY carries information useful to people
like us who are aware of the several planes.
Do you have a copy of the ULT edition of LETTERS THAT
HAVE HELPED ME -- W. Q. Judge the "centenary " edition 1946 In
it towards the end are reprinted some of the TEA-TABLE TALKS from
"PATH Magazine" and some of Judges "stories." Those are wroth a
read as they provide much more in the way of answer to this
Of a positive nature, there have been times when I
was in immediate danger, (fell asleep at the wheel) and a very
loud voice
began to yell into my ears, to awaken, another time I was in the
passenger seat and that loud voice gave me a warning, (golly, I
the driver should hear, but he did not) that I obeyed and avoided
personal catastrophe. (not auto related that time, but it does
seem to
like to ride)

DTB Ii wonder if you have a copy of the 3 Vol. series
of ARTICLES BY H.P.B. published by the ULT. Look up and read

MEMORY IN THE DYING -- H.P.B. Articles Vol. II p. 375; --
Lucifer October 1889;

A PSYCHIC WARNING H.P.B. Articles II p. 366-7 -- has some
relevant information -- as also

DIALOGS BETWEEN THE 2 EDITORS H.P.B. Articles II p. 40-41; then
refer to

274 (PATH, November 1886);

this also has some valuable information about communications from
ones HIGHER SELF. Karma plays a hand in such things and if one
is sensitive or there is a reason for the personality to become
aware of some calamity in the near future, IT may speak to us
(the personal Man). Our memory of it may be shaped in the memory
as a voice, a personage, a message, etc... something which the
personal self will be able to understand in retrospect.
I don't think it is an unwholesome entity, but I am always
wary. Ever since childhood I have never felt alone, something has
saved me from many ordeals.
DTB Be glad of that -- the INTUITION and the VOICE OF
CONSCIENCE (when it speaks to us) ought to be respected, reviewed
and as much as possible understood. It maybe our "internal God"
(Atma-Buddhi) speaking to us the embodied mind through their
link: the HIGHER MIND.
Best wishes. And may Karma walk with you always,

Best of fortune,

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