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Re: Theos-World Re:Motive -- a PARADOX.

May 16, 2001 12:21 PM
by parkplace3072

Hi Dallas, My enquiry was not to seek out such dangerous interests but to
discover why Theosophy has such reticence about the particulars
concerning black magic. I'm sure Theosophy has a fine reason, but it
could be a little more forthcoming. To offer protection for the unwary,
and a method of identifying attempts by foolish practitioners. I know
for sure that in a past experience I must have been in some way
associated with this unwholesome business, and I abhor any such thing, in
this life, the very Idea of subverting another's free will is evil. I
can tell I still have some attributes that can be utilized, but I will
have none of it. And its a sorry fact that others feel it is a good
thing. I suspect there must be a reason that it has survived, but I have
not the talent nor the will to discover, as to why. I know that in the
past some power was employed for some good, but like you have indicated,
the motive is all.	Of a positive nature, there have been times when I
was in immediate danger, (fell asleep at the wheel) and a very loud voice
began to yell into my ears, to awaken, another time I was in the
passenger seat and that loud voice gave me a warning, (golly, I thought
the driver should hear, but he did not) that I obeyed and avoided a
personal catastrophe. (not auto related that time, but it does seem to
like to ride) I don't think it is an unwholesome entity, but I am always
wary. Ever since childhood I have never felt alone, something has always
saved me from many ordeals.	Best of fortune, ak

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