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RE: rounds and races

May 15, 2001 03:03 AM
by dalval14

Dear Katinka and friends,


Individually we are all bound by the Karmic causes we set in
motion in the past and present -- these as "effects" mature as we
pass though the ROUNDS and RACES.

We could make this comparison easy by saying they are cycles of
TIME in which we and all other Egos live and cycle through on our
individual progress.

Compare in ANALOGY a Manvantara to a "YEAR" (of activity).

Each ROUND IS A "MONTH." ( 7 months in this arbitrary year)

Each "Month" ( or Round ) has 7 Weeks" (or 7 Globes)

Each "Week" ( or GLOBE ) has seven "days" ( or 7 Races)

Each "Day" ( or Race ) has 7 Sub-races. ( or 7 "hours")

Each "Sub-race" ( or "hour" ) has 7 "minutes" or " 7

When this "year" (Manvantara) ends the whole Universe slips into
a Pralaya of equal length.

I hope this may help sort the relationships out -- as it did nor



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From: Katinka Hesselink []
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Subject: rounds and races

Hi Jerry and Daniel,

I have been ignoring this sort of discussion, but find that I am
not very
good at that (the opposite of a lurker I suppose) - seems to me
that Jerry
is right (as in I agree) that the rounds and races are for the
humanity. But then (my take on this as opposed to Jerry) is that
average humanity DOES show effort. Perhaps not much effort, but
people do show effort to live at least up to the standards of
society, for
instance, which means (in the west) going to school up to a
certain age,
learning to live with the changing demands of society etc. Most
people do help others, most rich people donate money to
charities. Because
they don't show a lot of effort, they (we?) progress very slowly
which causes the long length of the rounds.

Does this make sense?

> From: Gerald Schueler <>
> [Jerry]:
> >> According to the Secret Doctrine, we are
> >> all evolving as racial stocks of one huge human
> >> life-wave, and we will all express each of the
> >> 7 principles per Round and Race, etc, etc. No work is
> >> necessary. You don't have to learn or do anything
> >> except to keep reincarnating for a few
> >> billion years and then you will be perfect.

> Daniel: Jerry, I ask you again, what are your sources for
> these statements?

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