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RE: Thoughts/emanated?

May 15, 2001 03:03 AM
by dalval14

Dear Friends:


Perhaps in trying to think metaphysically we ought to be careful to make sure that any analogies chosen are widened to the most universal and impersonal definitions we can conceive of.


Our minds are so accustomed to dealing with limits of time, space and motion we naturally try to

use those as examples


I just posted a few hours ago a message to Jerry ==  our continuing dialog.  In that is included a memo about symbols, which might be useful


I’ll try and copy it here:



=======          COPY               =========



Linearity is only conceptual and in fact is quite impossible. 



Let's look at symbolism for a moment :  ( S.D. I pp. 4-6)



ONE is usually a DOT on some planar background.  It attempts to indicate undifferentiated and indescribable BE-NESS -- the ABSOLUTE,  the ONE SOURCE -- the WHOLE (unmanifested)


        WHEN MANIFESTATION OCCURS it is not "creation out of nothing" but a re-objectivization on many planes of the forces and beings who participated in an earlier UNIVERSE.  Karmically the LAWwhich is ever undefinable but always present (CAUSELESS CAUSE) resets the limits within which all manifestation rebegins.  The Universe awakes and simultaneously on every plane there are individual and personal awakenings.  Again  the UNIVERSE is filled with MONADS -- each the "mirror" of the ONE ONLY MONAD (always awake -- S.D. I  27)  PHYSICALLY there is not BIG BANG.  Metaphysically the sphere/plane of Universal consciousness alters from "sleeping" to "waking."   {This is condensing the process in terms of description -- which is detailed in S.D. Vol. I }  ( S.D. I 4-6 for instance: )



        ONE alters when it is considered as a starting point upon MANIFESTATION (re-awakening).  This is no longer "linear" in concept but immediately changes to a "volume," or a simultaneous   sphericity, or SPACE wherein on various planes and divisions (according to individual Karma)  CONSCIOUSNESS begins to operate independently, individually and, as well, conjointly again.



[ Without these comments the symbols in themselves tend to confuse.]



But in reality (linearly and diagrammatically) it is a triad:  1 - background; 2 - CENTER, and 3. -   circumference. One may place it on a "plane."  Or if one desires a SOLID, then by adding one more DOT either above or below the selected plane one constructs  OUT OF 4 TRIANGLES a space as enclosed in a TETRAGON.  Or taking the CIRCLE one rotates it along any chosen DIAMETER and the movement of the circumference through non-manifested SPACE producesthe limits of a "known" Universe -- enclosing all the living beings in it.


        [ As I see it, this marks the whole difference between the Occult and the Physical Sciences and materialistic mathematics.


The symbols ( S.D. I pp. 4-6) are not limitedbut suggestive of IDEAS, IDEALS and LAWS.

The fact of this being a living universe and NOT  a congeries of units of "dead" matter makes the difference.  Nothing occurs by "chance" or "luck,"  in the occult Universe everything occurs under LAWS -- immutable, impartial, ever-acting,but only clearly perceptible to the awakened SPIRIT in man's CONSTITUTION --- that is because Man's SPIRIT is ONE WITH the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT.  Man's Monad is one with the UNIVERSAL MONAD. ]


CIRCLE without central point is sometimes taken to be ONE -- also a single LINE.  These are LIMITED and indicate "manifestation."


DUALITY or divergence implies some polarity which emanates from the ONE.  Usually drawn (planar) as a DIAMETER to the manifested and limited CIRCLE


Sometimes like a compass 2 lines emanate froma point (DOT) and are infinitely extending from the point of divergence -- asa symbol this does not confine anything or indicate anything but difference which is undefined (in terms of our embodied minds)


If a 3rd line is introduced then a TRIANGLE is formed.  One might use it to indicate a balance of, say, SPIRIT,  MATTER,  and MIND  (which being independent of all but the DOT, serves as an intermediary to observe the interactions of SPIRIT and MATER.


If 2 diameters cross in the circle at right angles the concept of 4 arises  (also 7) as the 4 divisions of manifested space on a plane, the dot,the circumference and the are circumscribed -- always the "background" remains as a basis for periodical waves of manvantara followed by pralaya or -- reincarnation for all beings.


I am sure you know all this as well as I do, but only introduce it here because of the focus to our discussion.




Hopethis helps,








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From: Aquanutt
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2001 12:22 AM
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Subject: Re: Thoughts/emanated?


I agree as well Jerry,
    I find the emanation theory easiest to understand. I ponder on Absolute
Infinite Nothingness, to get a starting point of it All. Now, suddenly a
thought, or something like a thought, just pops for an instant. That pop is
infinite as far as we are concerned. All we perceive as time, space; all we
can imagine, all everything that was, is, and will be, is of that pop. For
the pop to ever exist, since it is infinite All; it really can not exist,
because nothing else exists beyond that pop to acknowledge its popness. So,
it has to create illusions of things, all within itself, since there is no
outside itself, things to emit 'sparks', or other stimuli, giving it the
impression that it IS.
    This all goes on for a fleeting instant, yet to 'us' we perceive it at a
linear scale, in 'time' (which is necessary for its existance). Once the
instant is over, it recedes back to as close to infinite nothingness again.
But, since it IS, the whole cycle starts anew. Each one of these pops to us
lasts many, many millions of years.
    My mind likes to use the analogy of it expanding and contracting, yet in
reality it can not, since nothing is outside itself; the sum total of
everything is what it is.
    Yea, I am of the opinion our idea and mission of, and illusion of
reality is to produce illusions, so the All Thing can think IT exists; which
IT does, because, well, just because...
    There can be no two identical stimuli in this infinite thing, for if
there was, 'they' would not exist, because 'they' could not have something to
acknowledge the existance... Though really, All is identical, but our
existance dependes on The Infinite's struggle to maintain the illusion that
everything it IS, is a bunch of seperate little is's...not alike.
    ?Well. something like that. I think I am fizzling out here. It is a
taxing subject to try to explain. If this were the case though, or somewhere
near the case, it would explain somewhat why everything is an illusion. I
    By the way, I do not like the definition of emanate, but its the best I
could come up with for now. See ya all in the morning, Im tired.


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