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May 06, 2001 01:18 PM
by dalval14

For	May 8th 2001


H.P.B.: The Agent

"...imperfect as may be our visible agent...yet, she [HPB] is
the best available at present, and her phenomena have for about
half a century astounded and baffled some of the cleverest minds
of the age."	M L 9-10

"But we employ agents--the best available. Of these, for the
past thirty years, the chief has been the personality known as
H.P.B. to the world (but otherwise to us). Imperfect and very
troublesome, no doubt, she proves to some; nevertheless, there
is no likelihood of our finding a better one for years to come,
and your theosophists should be made to understand it.

Since 1885 I have not written, nor caused to be written save
through her agency, direct or remote, a letter or line to anybody
in Europe or America, nor communicated orally with, or thro' any
third party. [ see M L, pp. 404-8 ] Theosophists should learn
it. You will understand later the significance of this
declaration, so keep it in mind. Her fidelity to our work being
constant, and her sufferings having come upon her thro' it,
nether I nor either of my Brother Associates will desert or
supplant her...ingratitude is not among our vices. With yourself
(Olcott) our relations are direct, and have been, with the rare
exceptions you know of, like the present, on the psychical plane,
and so will continue thro' force of circumstances. That they are
so rare--is your own fault as I told you in my last.

To help you in your present perplexity: H.P.B. has next to no
concern with administrative details, and should be kept clear of
them, so far as her strong nature can be controlled. But this
you must tell to all:--with occult matters she has everything to
do. We have not abandoned her. She is not given over to chelas.
She is our direct agent..."
Letters From the Masters of Wisdom, Ist. Series, pp. 52-3

There have been those who claimed to be in connection with the
Masters through psychic and other means. This occurred in
H.P.B.'s time. The following is important in this connection:

"I am commanded by my beloved Master ..K--- H--- L-- S---, to
make in his name the following declaration...[ re: claims by Mr.
O---- ]

. my Master declares that:1.	Whomsoever Mr. O----- may have seen
and conversed with at the time described, it was not with K---
H----, the writer of the letters published in the Occult World.

2.	Notwithstanding that my Master knows the gentlemen in
question who once honored him with an autograph letter, thereby
giving him the means of making his (Mr. O's) acquaintance and of
sincerely admiring his intuitional powers and western learning --
yet he has never approached him whether astrally or otherwise.

Nor has he ever had any conversation with Mr. O. [see Fn. in
Theosophist Sept. 1882, p. 301] least of all one of that nature
in which both the subject and predicate, the premises and
conclusions are all wrong.

3.	In consequence of the said claims, the repetition of which is
calculated to lead many of theosophists into error, my Master has
determined to issue the following resolution.

Henceforth any medium or seer who will feel disposed to claim
either to have been visited by, or to have held conversation
with, or to have seen my Master,--will have to substantiate the
claim by prefixing his or her statement with THREE SECRET WORDS,
which he, my Teacher, will divulge to and leave in the safe
keeping of Mr. A.O.Hume and Mr. A.P.Sinnett...

As long as they do not find these three words correctly repeated
by a medium or heading a statement to that effect, whether verbal
or printed, emanating from him or her, or on his or her behalf,
the claim shall be regarded as a gratuitous assumption and no
notice will be taken of it.

To his regret my Master is forced to adopt this step, as
unfortunately of late such self-deceptions have become quite
frequent, and would demand a speedy check.

The above decision and statement to be appended as a footnote to
Mr. O...'s published statement.
By order,

[ML p.125 / MLC p. 83]] M L 453-4

P.S. -- It may so happen that for purposes of our own, mediums
and their spooks will be left undisturbed and free not only to
personate the "Brothers" but even to forge our handwriting. Bear
this in mind and be prepared for it in London.

Unless the message or communication or whatever it may be is
preceded by the triple words:
"Kin-t-an, Na-lan-da, Dha-ra-ni"
know it is not me nor from me. K.H.

[Note: The dates are significant in view of several individuals
claiming to have letters or interviews with the Mahatmas in the
absence of HPB. ]


Continuing quotations concerning the work and status of H.P.B.:

"After nearly a century of fruitless search, our chiefs had to
avail themselves of the only opportunity to send out a European
body upon European soil to serve as a connecting link between
that country and our brother M. made to you through her
a certain had but to accept it, and at any time you
liked, you would have had for an hour or more, the real
baitchooly to converse with, instead of the psychological cripple
you generally have to deal with now."	M L 203-4

"On the 17th of November next [1882] the septenary term of trial
given the Society at its foundation in which to discreetly
"preach us" will expire. One or two of us hoped that the world
had so far advanced intellectually, if not intuitionally, that
the Occult doctrine might gain an intellectual acceptance, and
the impulse given for a new cycle of occult research...consent
was given for the trial. It was stipulated, however, that the
experiment should be made independently of our personal
management; that there should be no abnormal interference by
ourselves. So casting about we found in America the man to stand
as leader--a man of great moral courage, unselfish, and having
other good qualities. He was far from being the best, but...he
was the best available. With him we associated a woman of most
exceptional and wonderful endowments. Combined with them she had
strong personal defects, but just as she was, there was no second
to her living fit for this work. We sent her to America, brought
them together--and the trial began. From the first both he and
she were given to clearly understand that the issue lay entirely
with themselves. And both offered themselves for the trial...For
6 1/2 years they have been struggling against such odds as would
have driven off any one who was not working with the desperation
of one who stakes life and all he prizes on some desperate
supreme effort. Their success has not equaled the hopes of their
original backers, phenomenal as it has been in certain
directions. In a few more months the term of probation will end.
If by that time the status of the Society as regards
ourselves --the question of the "Brothers" be not definitely
settled (either dropped out of the Society's programme or
accepted on our own terms) that will be the last of the
"Brothers" of all shapes and colors, sizes or degrees. We will
subside out of public view like a vapour into the ocean. Only
those who have proved faithful to themselves and to Truth through
everything, will be allowed further intercourse with us..."	M L

"You can never know her [HPB] as we do, therefore--none of you
will ever be able to judge her impartially or correctly. You see
the surface of things; and what you would term "virtue," holding
but to appearances, we--judge but after having fathomed the
object to its profoundest depth, and generally leave the
appearances to take care of themselves. In your opinion H.P.B.
is...a quaint, strange woman, a psychological riddle...We on the
other hand, under the garb of eccentricity and folly--we find a
profounder wisdom in her inner Self than you will ever find
yourselves able to perceive...we...light daily upon traits of her
inner nature the most delicate and refined, and which would cost
an uninitiated psychologist years of constant and keen
observation, and many an hour of close analysis and efforts to
draw out of the depth of that most subtle of mysteries--human
mind--and one of the most complicated machines,--H.P.B.'s
mind--and thus learn to know her true inner Self."	M L 314

"I have been more than once suspected by you of taking my
knowledge and impressions about you and other persons and things
in the outside world from Olcott's and the O. L.'s heads. Kindly
give thought to the following you know that between
adept and chela--Master and Pupil--there gradually forms a closer
tie; for the psychic interchange is regulated the water in a full tank runs into an empty does the knowledge of the adept flow to the chela; and
the chela attains the adept-level according to his receptive
capacities. At the same time the chela, being an individual, a
separate evolution, unconsciously imparts to the Master the
quality of his accumulated mentality. The Master absorbs his
knowledge...So you see it is quite possible for me to catch
H.P.B.'s or any other chela's ideas about you without meaning to
do you any injustice; for whenever we find such ideas--unless
trifling--we never proceed to judge and render our sentences
merely on the testimony of such borrowed light; but always
ascertain independently and for ourselves whether the ideas so
reflected in us are right or wrong.' [ Letter to Hume ]
Letters from the Masters of Wisdom, 1st Ser., pp. 82-3

"The Old Woman is accused of untruthfulness, inaccuracy in her
statements. "Ask no questions and you will receive no lies."
She is forbidden to say what she knows. You may cut her to
pieces and she will not tell. Nay--she is ordered in cases of
need to mislead people; and, were she more of a natural born
liar--she might be happier and won her day long since by this
time...She is too truthful, too outspoken, to incapable of
dissimulation: and now she is being daily crucified for it. Try
not to be hasty..."	-- M	M L p. 272

"...someone has to be sacrificed--though we accept but voluntary
victims. The ungrateful task did lay her [HPB] low and desolate
in the ruins of misery, misapprehension, and isolation: but she
will have her reward in the hereafter for we were never
ungrateful." M L 51

[ HPB as the sole amanuensis between Masters and men -- her death
would terminate passage of messages -- ill treatment has
virtually killed this faithful agent -- warning. M L 368, 245 ]

[Note by DTB: Why does the master refer to HPB as a "chela"
here? Like all human beings, "Mme. Blavatsky" was both a
"personality," and an "INDIVIDUALITY" -- in other words, Mme.
Blavatsky represented on this plane the best "agent" possible for
the Masters to employ because of her heredity, physical and
psychic, in our "world." As in every incarnation by an "Adept,"
the physical personal psychological self has to undergo a period
of training for the learning and practice of Occultism in that
new form--so, to the Masters the personality of Mme. Blavatsky
was to them as a chela might be, but they also knew her to be, as
an EGO, an Adept of the same Brotherhood as they were. [see
explanations given on this in SD II 167, 246, 243.

The ENTITY named sometimes: "H.P.B." is quite evidently something
different -- see the 1893 Lahiri letter for explanation
circulated 2 years after her "death" as a physical personality.
[ see also HPB to APS, p. 174 bottom. And Transactions of the
Blavatsky Lodge, ULT Edn. pp. 66-76, on the relations of the real
EGO and the "personal ego." -- DTB ]

"since the MAHATMA is but an advanced occultist, who has so far
controlled his lower "self" as to hold it more or less in
complete subjection to the Cosmic impulse, it is in the nature of
things impossible for him to act in any other but an unselfish
manner. No sooner does he allow his "personal self" to assert
itself, than he ceases to be a MAHATMA...The law of Cosmic
evolution is ever operating to achieve its purpose of ultimate
unity and to carry the phenomenal into the noumenal plane, and
the MAHATMAS, being en rapport with it, are assisting that
purpose...they alone have got to the basic knowledge which can
determine the right course and exercise proper discrimination.
And for will be evident that, as soon as the least
feeling of selfishness tries to assert itself, the vision of the
spiritual sense, which is the only perception of the MAHATMA,
becomes clouded and he looses the "power" which abstract
"knowledge" alone can confer. Hence the vigilant watch of the
"will" we have constantly to exercise to prevent our lower nature
from coming up to the surface..."	Theos. Movement, Vol, X, pp.

"A perfect man is not made to order but is a product of
evolution. Wisdom is not a matter of book-learning but of
growth. General rules for conduct can be given, but to apply
them properly, the power of discrimination is necessary...A
virtue, practiced without moderation, becomes a crime. To know
how to find the point of equilibrium is the great secret of the
Adept, that cannot be told but must be learned by experience,
when sagacity and goodness will be united in wisdom."	HPB --
THEOSOPHIST 1885 [ Reprinted in: THEOSOPHY 47 p. 441-2 ]

In the monthly magazine The Path published by Mr. W.Q.Judge in
New York, letters from HPB to her family and friends were
published in excerpt form, beginning Vol. 9 --1894-5-- pp.
265,297, 379, 411; and, Vol 10 (1895-6), pp. 6, 33, 73, 105,
139, 169, 203, 235, 267, 297, 332, 366. Some extracts are given
below of what H.P.B. wrote :

H.P.B. ...when I again laid down...I soon fell asleep and then
got surrounded with a heavy, impenetrable darkness. Then I saw a
star appearing; it lit up high, high above me, and then fell,
dropping straight upon me. It fell straight on my forehead and
got transformed into a hand. Whilst this hand was resting on my
forehead I was all ablaze to know whose hand it was...I was
concentrated into a single prayer, into an impulse of the will,
to learn who it was, to whom did this luminous hand belong...And
I have learned it: there stood over it myself. Suddenly this
second me spoke to my body, "Look at me!" My body looked at it
and saw that half of this second me was as black as jet, the
other half whitish-grey, and only the top of the head perfectly
white, brilliant, and luminous. And again I myself spoke to my
body: "When you become as bright as this small part of your
head, you will be able to see what is seen by others, by the
purified who have washed themselves clean...And meanwhile make
yourself clean, make yourself clean, make yourself clean. And
here I awoke."	Path Vol. 9, p. 269

H.P.B. "...[ the "Sahib"] has cured me entirely [of a
gangrenous leg]. And just about this time I have begun to feel a
very strange duality. Several times a day I feel that besides me
there is someone else, quite separable from me, present in my
body. I never lose the consciousness of my own personality;
what I feel is as if I were keeping silent and the other one--the
lodger who is in me--were speaking with my tongue...let my fate
conduct me at its own sweet would be perfectly
ridiculous if I were to deny the possession of knowledge avowed
by my No. 2, giving occasion to people around me to imagine that
I keep them in the dark for modesty's sake. In the night, when I
am alone in my bed, the whole life of my No. 2 passes before my
eyes, and I do not see myself at all, but quite a different
person--different in race and different in feelings...I try to
throw myself into the part and to forget the strangeness of my
situation. This is no mediumship, and by no means an impure
power; for that, it has too strong an ascendancy over us all,
leading us into better ways. No devil would act like that.
'Spirits,' maybe ? But if it comes that, my ancient 'spooks'
dare not approach me any more. It is enough for me to enter the
room where a seance is being held to stop all kinds of phenomena
at once, especially materializations. But phenomena of another
sort take place more and more frequently under the direction of
my No. 2. (*) [ Footnote: These phenomena were those amazing
feats of magic, hundreds of which I witnessed in broad daylight
or blazing gas-light, from 1872 to 1878--WQJ.]"
Path, Vol. 9, pp. 269-70; [ see also WQJ --"Conversations on
Occultism with HPB" ]

H.P.B. : "I see this Hindu every day, just as I might see any
other living person, with the only difference that he looks to me
more ethereal and more transparent. Formerly I kept silent about
these appearances, thinking that they were hallucinations. But
now they have become visible to other people as well. He (the
Hindu) appears and advises me as to our conduct and our writing.
he evidently knows everything that is going on, even to the
thoughts of other people, and makes me express his knowledge.
Sometimes it seems to me that he overshadows the whole of me,
simply entering me like a kind of volatile essence penetrating
all my pores and dissolving in me. Then we two are able to speak
to other people, and then I begin to understand and remember
sciences and languages--everything he instructs me in, even when
he is not with me any more."	Path, Vol. 9, p. 297

H.P.B. :	"It seems strange to you that some Hindu Sahib is so
free and easy in his dealings with is something about
which I am perfectly certain: Admit that man's soul--his real
living soul--is a thing perfectly separate from the rest of his
organism; that this perisprit is not stuck with paste to the
physical "innards;" and that this soul which exists in
everything living, beginning with an infusoria and ending with an
elephant, is different from its physical double, only as being
more or less overshadowed by the immortal spirit, it is capable
of acting freely and independently. In the case of the
uninitiated profane, it acts during their sleep; in the case of
an initiated adept, it acts at any moment he chooses according to
his will. Just try and assimilate this, and then many things
will become clear to you...

What mediums accomplish unconsciously, under the influence of
outside powers which take possession of them, can be accomplished
by Adepts consciously at their own volition. That's all...As to
the Sahib, I have known him a long time. Twenty-five years ago
he came to London with the prince of Nepaul; three years ago he
sent me a letter...In this letter he reminded me of many things,
foretold by him at the time, and asked me whether I believed him
now and whether I would consent to obey him...After this he
appeared repeatedly, not only to me but also to other people, and
to Olcott whom he ordered to be President of the Society,
teaching him how to start it. I always recognize and know the
Master, and often talk to him without seeing him. How is it that
he hears me from everywhere, and that I also hear his voice
across seas and oceans twenty times a day? I do not know, but it
is so. Whether it is he personally that enters me I really
cannot say with confidence; if it is not he, it is his power,
his influence. Through him I am strong; without him, I am a
mere nothing."	Path, Vol. 9, pp. 298-9

H.P.B.: "I never gave myself out for a full-blown occultist, but
only for a student of Occultism for the last thirty or forty
years. Yet I am enough of an occultist to know that before we
find the Master within our own hearts and seventh principle--we
need an outside Master...I got my drop from my Master (the living
one)...He is a Saviour, he who leads you to finding the Master
within yourself. It is ten years already that I preach the inner
Master and God and never represented our Masters as Saviours in
the Christian sense."	[ HPB to Dr. Hartmann ] Path, Vol. X, p.

" I venerate the Master, and worship MY MASTER--the sole
creator of my inner Self which but for His calling it out,
awakening it from its slumber, would never have come to conscious
being--not in this life, at all events..." HPB to APS p. 104

H.P.B. :	"Well, Vera, whether you believe me or not, something
miraculous is happening to me. You cannot imagine in what a
charmed world of pictures and visions I live. I am writing Isis;
not writing, rather copying out and drawing that which She
personally shows to me... sometimes it seems to me that the
ancient Goddess of beauty in person leads me through all the
countries of the past centuries which I have to describe.

I sit with my eyes open and to all appearances see and hear
everything real and actual around me, and yet at the same time I
see and hear that which I write...Slowly century after century,
image after image, float out of the distance and pass before me
as if in a magic panorama; and meanwhile I put them together in
my mind, fitting the epochs and dates, and know for sure that
there can be no mistake. Races and nations, countries and
cities, which have for long disappeared in the darkness of the
prehistoric past, emerge and then vanish, giving place to others;
and then I am told the consecutive dates. Hoary antiquity makes
way for historical periods; myths are explained to me with
events and people who have really existed, and every event which
is at all remarkable, every newly-turned page of this
many-colored book of life, impresses itself on my brain with
photographic exactitude. My own reckonings and calculations
appear to me later on as separate colored pieces of different
shapes in the game which is called casse-tete (puzzles).

I gather them together and try to match them one after the
other, and at the end there always comes out a geometrical
whole...Most assuredly it is not I who do it all, but my Ego, the
highest principle which lives in me. And even this with the help
of my Guru and teacher who helps me in everything.

If I happen to forget something I have just to address him, or
another of the same kind, in my thought, and what I have
forgotten rises once more before my eyes--sometimes whole tables
of numbers passing before me, long inventories of events. They
remember everything. They know everything. Without them, from
whence could I gather my knowledge ?"	Path Vol. 9, pp 300-1

Offered in memory of H.P.B. May 8th 2001	Master's AGENT


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