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RE: Theos-World Re Stemming the Tide of Materialism

May 04, 2001 05:50 AM
by dalval14


Friday, May 04, 2001


Dear Jerry:


Whether formed by committee or some other means any body that works in the world to forward the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS has value.


It is quite true that owing to politics and partisanship the “societies” have diverged from the ideals H.P.B. had originally set and supported.


No one prevents an individual from continuing to work individually or with many so-called Theosophical groups and lists to continue the thread of promulgation as a personal responsibility.


Theosophy, if anything teaches the individual to be responsible only to the PRINCIPLESand not to any “authorities.”  The sole authority for each is his own HIGHER SELF. 


The T.S. is  a body dedicated originally to study and promulgate the Natural Truths that anyone could discover and prove for themselves.  The value of an organization was that individuals could mutually consult and arrive at some joint ideas, which were then to be used (or not) by the INDIVIDUALS.  Our KARMA is always INDIVIDUAL.  By joining a TS we surrender nothing of our personal responsibilities.


The ORIGINAL LITERATURE of Theosophy is due to H.P.B. and the Masters.  No interpreters.  s a universal LAW p- KARMA.hile the BOD


Best wishes,








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Thank you so much everyone for the great references.  The picture I get is that HPB had certain objectives she was obliged to carry out and tried to do so through the TS.  But the TS was formed by committee, and we all know from experience that anything done by committee always turns out differently than what any single member has in mind.



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