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Re: Theos-World (unknown)

Apr 05, 2001 04:27 PM
by Compiler

Here's the links to the two articles mentioned by Dallas in his below



They are found on Blavatsky Net, on this page:

And this is the page on Blavatsky Net with articles by William Q. Judge:

John DeSantis

You may find a great deal of the Truth that you are searching for here:

Wisdom World web site (Main Page):

The page where "Additional" articles are steadily being added:

------- wrote:

> Thursday, April 05, 2001
> Dear Friend:
> The problem here was that the T.S. was not started as an ordinary
> society.
> It was started to provide a "doorway" into UNIVERSAL WISDOM. To
> the SANTANA DHARMA -- the Eternal Duty.
> The difficulty was that impersonality and universality rarely are
> found to dove-tail in any man-made society. So long as H.P.B.
> was alive there were troubles all right, but they were handled by
> a master occultist one who received able assistance from her
> remaining co-Founders: Col. H. S. Olcott and Mr. Wm. Q. Judge
> The Ethics of such a society embrace essentially individual as
> well as world-wide standards of integrity as a practical honesty,
> sincerity and loyalty to UNIVERSAL LAWS, FACTS AND TRUTHS.
> Man-made equivalents often have irremediable flaws.
> Personalities are elevated instead of Principles.
> Further, no one can IMPOSE anything on any member or members.
> Everyone who approached Theosophy was encouraged to individually
> study the ORIGINAL LITERATURE as provided by H.P.B. on behalf of
> the Brothers. It was left to the discrimination and discretion
> of the Members, as individuals, to use and adopt these doctrines
> and teachings. No "Authority" was ever imposed so long as H.P.B.
> lived.
> If one desires references, if one desires to know how H.P.B. felt
> and wrote, then read what H.P.B. wrote in her article
> A PUZZLE FROM ADYAR [ LUCIFER, AUG. 1889; Vol. 4, p. 506; BCW
> Vol XI, p. 378; ULT H.P.B.'s Articles, vol. I, p. 217. ]
> Also of great significance is her article
> WHY I DO NOT RETURN TO INDIA. -- This had been written in April
> 1890, and H.P.B. sent it with Bertrand Keightley to India. It
> was not published in THEOSOPHIST until July 1929. [ This has
> been reprinted in BCW Vol. 12, p. 156, and in ULT H.P.B.'s
> Articles vol. I, p. 106 ]
> It is those "flaws" that has caused the divergence of the modern
> offshoots of the T.S. to depart from their original practical
> objectives -- even if the "theoretical" objects are retained. In
> other words, personalities have interposed themselves as
> "filters" between PRISTINE TRUTH and the members who expected the
> leaders and officers to be perfect practitioners of practical
> Theosophy.
> Of course I might be quite wrong in this rather strong
> observation. But if the shoe pinches then the shoe ought to be
> changed -- or one gets deformed feet.
> Best wishes,
> Dallas
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> What does it matter how a society is? One theme in sociology is
> the
> idea that how a society is, just reflects the whims of the
> present
> leaders plus the cultural influences of past leaders. -That it is
> possible for any type of society to exist, and, the specific way
> a
> society is, doesn't make a difference overall in the larger
> scheme of
> things. -so that it is in the individual's best interest to
> conform
> to the ways of whatever their society is, as it is only
> individuals
> who care if they are rewarded or punished for obedience or
> disobedience; and that whether they are rewarded or punished or
> obedient or disobedient makes no difference overall. However,
> this
> is actually somewhat incorrect. And the evidence for this
> incorrectness is found in the existence of the social structure
> called 'family'.
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