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An economic plan for humanity to consider!

Jan 21, 2001 01:17 PM
by Compiler


This same e-mail letter is being sent around the world to
all of the following people and groups, among others:

* Students and teachers in colleges and elsewhere.
* The commercial and non-profit media--print and electronic.
* World leaders and politicians at every level, and their staffs.
* Government and private sector employees.
* Corporate executives and large and small business owners.
* Economic scholars, think tanks, and scientists.
* Foundations and organizations in the non-profit community.

Dear fellow student or teacher: I know that you and all
other students and teachers, in every nation, want to
help make this a much better world. So please take a
little time to read, analyze, and become familiar with
this plan (which is found in the link at the end of this
letter); and if you think it is worthwhile for humanity
to look into, as called for in it, pass the word about its
existence through your school's various newspapers,
journals, and radio and TV stations. Also to all of your
school's administrative and educational departments,
as well as to all of the student organizations and clubs.
Why? So that all other students and teachers, both in
your community and worldwide, can, with a persistent
and "United" voice, help humanity to learn about this
project, called "Public & Private Enterprise Capitalism".
Also let your local commercial and non-profit media
outlets, your government officials at every level, your
fellow students and teachers, and your family and
friends, know about it. If we all do a little, a lot can
be accomplished in the long run.

Dear media person: You and your media organization
can help to present this project to humanity; doing
whatever is necessary to both place it and keep it in
the public dialogue and spotlight at all times. Why?
So that all of humanity becomes aware of it and gets
the chance to analyze and ponder over it.

To politicians, world leaders, and government workers:
It is hoped that each of you will help in this endeavor,
by somehow doing whatever you can to get your nation
to become involved in looking at this plan, so that every
nation is involved in the proposed joint effort.

To employers and employees in the private sector: It is
also hoped that all corporate executives, scientists,
business people, and workers everywhere will become
involved in looking at this plan and help to develop it to
its full potential.

To the non-profit community: It is also hoped that all of
the people and organizations who serve our suffering
humanity in so many caring and loving ways, will also
play a major part in seeing to it that this new subject
always stays front and center in the public dialogue
and consciousness.

Here's the link to the plan:

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

John DeSantis
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.


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