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Re: Chassbird

Jan 21, 2001 08:06 AM
by ramadoss

It is very nice hear from you. I am not aware what "chassbird" means. Let
me see if anyone else knows about it.

At 03:11 PM 1/21/01, you wrote:
> Dear Ramadoss,
>I'm writing to you because you probably know what this word means.
>In "The Theosophist", Nov. 1879, in the article "Hindu music" by
>B. Trimbuk the word "chassbird" is used. I couldn't find it in
>any dictionary, including the Webster's, so I decided that it's
>a bird which probably lives in India only. Do you know any English
>sinonymes for that? The full phrase was: "The mangoose uttered 1/2
>measure, the chassbird cried in 1 measure, the crow in the double
>measure, and the peacock shrieked in the treble". Unlike other
>animals and birds names, chassbird was in italics and with a stress
>mark over "a". I treated "mangoose" as "mongoose", so there probably
>could be a typo.
>With best wishes, Konstantin

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