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RE: Enemies ? = "Who neds them?" Where, Who ? What FACTS are offered ?

Jan 15, 2001 05:43 AM
by dalval14

Jan 14 2001

Dear Adelasie:

Many thanks for your comments. You seem to have understood what
I was trying to say. Looking further, I find H.P.B. seems to
define these in several ways in the TWO PATHS (Fragment 2) VOICE
OF THE SILENCE: pp 29-31

"The "Doctrine of the Eye" is for the crowd; the "Doctrine of
the Heart: for the elect, The first repeat in pride: "Behold, I
know;" the last, they who in humbleness have garnered, low
confess: "Thus have I heard."

"The Dharma of the "Eye is the embodiment of the external and
the non-existing.
The Dharma of the "Heart" is the embodiment of Bodhi, the
Permanent and Everlasting."

There are those who seek for the inner "I" and for these the
VOICE says:

"Shun ignorance and likewise shun illusion. Avert thy face from
world deceptions; mistrust thy senses they are false. But
within they body--the shrine of thy sensations--seek in the
Impersonal for the "Eternal Man;" and having sought him out,
look inward: thou art Buddha." VOICE 28-9

Best wishes to you as always,



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Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2001 9:03 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World RE: Enemies ? == Where, Who ? What FACTS
are offered ?

Dear Dallas,

Your comments, as always, are very illuminating.
> So far the only adverse reactions have been from those who
> H.P.B., Masters and Theosophy ought to be treated publicly like
> any political and personal historical account -- and they seem
> think there is something necessary in this publishing of what
> to gossip -- to attempt to tear down in some way the view we
have of a
> responsible, honest, constructive, and benevolent attempt to
> humanity to study their origins, and their religious and moral
> philosophies -- and apply to them the independent power of
> common sense. This is the objective of THEOSOPHY and the
message that
> H.P.B. brought from the Lodge of the ADEPTS.
> The valuable part of it is that it offers a cohesive view of
> Universe, world and ourselves -- as a cooperative actively
> engaged in perfecting their powers and knowledge. It is
> brotherhood in action. It demonstrates that ANY HUMAN MIND, IF
> benevolence, tolerance and universal love are the bonds that
bind the
> WHOLE into ONE.

This seems to me to be central to the understanding of why some
people seek to disprove or ridicule the teachings and teachers of
Theosophy. If we approach this material and the words of those
who brought it to humanity it this cycle from a purely
perspective, we cannot understand or appreciate it. It is only
we sincerely begin to apply these timeless and enduring teachings
to our own lives and begin to witness the transformation that
place in our own hearts and minds as we continue to devote
ourselves to our own conscious evolution that we begin to realize
the inherent truth the teachings contain. It is for this reason
that it
is so important for students of Theosophy to make of themselves
examples of the teachings, for we can only really teach by
example. There will be opposition as long as there is
That is the law of nature. But we can face this opposition with
that at its basis it is only an illusion. Truth exists no matter
it is recognized or not. Only on the plane of material existence
the pairs of opposites hold sway. The negative pole exists to
us of the existence of the positive pole, and for this reason, we
be grateful for the opposition we meet. It helps us to refine our
ability to understand and help to spread the teachings that we
found to be so valuable in our own lives.

It is important to remember that this is a battle. But the
battlefield is
within each individual consciousness. We can rightly consider
ourselves to be warriors of truth, and when attacks are made, it
the true warriors who are willing to put themselves in the front
and represent the truth as well as they can. It is the qualities
loyalty and devotion that reflect the teachings of Theosophy the
best, and these qualities will always put those who cultivate
at the center of the eternal battle between darkness and Light.
If the
world at large does not value the sacrifice that is made, well,
world at large had not yet learned to see what is really
happening in
the evolution of humanity. But our work is to bring that Light of
knowledge and wisdom to our brothers and sisters, and to do that,
sometimes we must make of ourselves targets. At any rate, the
real glory and reward for right action always comes to those who
work for Truth, and although it may not be reward such as the
values, it is more substantial than the world knows, coming as it
does from the only reality there is, the realm of spirit and

Unity of all Life is the key to all understanding. Let us
continue to
do our best to be examples of the consciousness of this truth,
we will be fulfilling our responsibilities.

Best wishes,

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