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RE: Theos-World RE: Enemies == Where, Who ? FACTS ?

Jan 12, 2001 11:52 AM
by dalval14

Dear Peter:


That is beautifully said.

It expresses my motive and so has Adelasie.



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From: Peter Merriott []
Sent: Friday, January 12, 2001 5:23 AM
Subject: RE: Theos-World RE: Enemies == Where, Who ? FACTS ?

Dear Adelasie,

Thank you very much for what you write to Dallas and state in
general on
this subject. I had been wondering for some time what I might
say on this
without getting caught up in all the details. I think you have
put into
words what I also feel about this subject.

Anyone who has reflected on the plight of human nature and our
attempts to
lead lives based on spiritual values will have noticed that there
are forces
working towards that noble ideal and forces that oppose it. We
experience this directly in ourselves as well as observe it in
the world at
large. The student of elementary physics observes it in the
laboratory in
those simple experiments of monitoring the electrical field
generated around
a wire resulting from an electrical current passing through that
wire. When
the direction of the current in the wire is reversed the field
around the
wire temporarily collapses and while doing so induces a force
equal and
opposite to the rate of direction of change of the current.
These forces
are referred to in physics as "electro-motive". By its title and
effects we can see the relevance to spiritual-psychology and

Should we be surprised, then, that any effort expended towards
changing the
general trend of humanity from selfishness and materialism
spiritual materialism) towards those spiritual Truths and Laws
underpin all the Ancient Spiritual Traditions, will be met with
equal and
opposite forces - both conscious and unconscious.

Yes, as someone pointed out recently, we should remember the
notion of
brotherhood and the value of tolerance to other people's views.
But this
should not lead us to believe that *everything* written and
expressed has a
good intention at heart, or is just the result of some very nice
doing their best to discover the truth. This is simply naive.
We, ALL of
US, play a conscious and unconscious part in obstructing the
light of spirit
shining in ourselves and in the world, just as we can all play a
and unconscious part in bringing it forth.

That which is GOOD can come about through conscious and
intentions. Likewise that which is EVIL can come about through
and unconscious intentions.

"..there are external and internal conditions which affect the
of our will upon our actions, and it is in our power to follow
either of the
two. Those who believe in Karma have to believe in destiny,
which, from
birth to death, every man is weaving thread by thread around
himself, as a
spider does his cobweb; and this destiny is guided either by the
voice of the invisible prototype outside of us, or by our more
astral, or inner man, who is but too often the evil genius of the
entity called man. Both these lead on the outward man, but one of
them must
prevail;" (SD I 639)

Keeping this 'dual nature' of man in mind, we must not let the
idea of
tolerance become nothing more than a 'sop' which we use as a way
of sitting
on the fence while those that we are indebted to, such as HPB and
Mahatmas, are maligned.

"Ingratitude is not among our vices, nor do we imagine you would
wish to
advise it. . . .", speaks the Mahatma KH.

Let it not be one of *our* vices either.

Discrimination, loyalty to the truth and to the 'Teacher', and
willingness to stand up and be counted are required just as much
tolerance and brotherly love.

best wishes


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> From: adelasie []
> Sent: 11 January 2001 16:03
> To:
> Subject: Re: Theos-World RE: Enemies == Where, Who ? FACTS ?
> Dear Dallas,
> I want to thank you for your valient and faithful defense of
HPB and
> the Masters. We who accept and study the principles of
> Theosophy, and find that they provide us with the way to
> understand the meaning of life, and the tools to learn to live
> responsible human beings, may find it difficult to realize that
> do not accept these teachings, and feel they must try to
> them. But we can remember that on the plane of forces, the
> Disintegrator always tries to destroy any accomplishments of
> humanity which lead to Consciousness of the Unity of All Life.
> can see that those who take it upon themselves to ridicule HPB
> and her work, and worse, to make it seem somehow sinister, are
> only the tools of that destructive force. Humanity is in a
> cycle in its evolution right now. We stand to make some great
> in the evolution of consciousness, and therefore these forces
> destruction work all the harder to try to prevent the
realization of
> such gains. But the battle is already won. Darkness cannot
> Our job is to reflect the inner Light to the best of our
ability, and
> your messages in defense of the Great Teachers are strong beams
> of that Light of Truth and Compassion. Usually this is a
> job, given the limitations of the material plane, where all
must be
> revealed and brought to manifestation. But please know that
> are many who recognize the loyalty and devotion that motivates
> such defense, and who support such efforts.
> Sincerely,
> Adelasie

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