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RE: Theos-World RE: Enemies == Where, Who ? FACTS ?

Jan 12, 2001 10:53 AM
by adelasie

Dear Peter,

Your example from physics is an excellent picture of the 
correllation of all phenomena and the fact that all follow Nature's 
great laws perfectly. 

> Anyone who has reflected on the plight of human nature and our
> attempts to lead lives based on spiritual values will have noticed
> that there are forces working towards that noble ideal and forces that
> oppose it. We can experience this directly in ourselves as well as
> observe it in the world at large. The student of elementary physics
> observes it in the laboratory in those simple experiments of
> monitoring the electrical field generated around a wire resulting from
> an electrical current passing through that wire. When the direction
> of the current in the wire is reversed the field around the wire
> temporarily collapses and while doing so induces a force equal and
> opposite to the rate of direction of change of the current. These
> forces are referred to in physics as "electro-motive". By its title
> and observed effects we can see the relevance to spiritual-psychology
> and Occultism.
> Should we be surprised, then, that any effort expended towards
> changing the general trend of humanity from selfishness and
> materialism (including spiritual materialism) towards those spiritual
> Truths and Laws which underpin all the Ancient Spiritual Traditions,
> will be met with equal and opposite forces - both conscious and
> unconscious.

We all do well to remember the inevetability that you point out here 
of opposition to any effort toward Unity on any plane of existence. It 
is this negative disruptive force that tests us and provides us with 
opportunities to strengthen our own understanding and ability to be 
real warriors of truth. Ultimately, for each one of us, the battlefield 
is ourselves.
> Yes, as someone pointed out recently, we should remember the notion of
> brotherhood and the value of tolerance to other people's views. But
> this should not lead us to believe that *everything* written and
> expressed has a good intention at heart, or is just the result of some
> very nice person doing their best to discover the truth. This is
> simply naive. We, ALL of US, play a conscious and unconscious part in
> obstructing the light of spirit shining in ourselves and in the world,
> just as we can all play a conscious and unconscious part in bringing
> it forth.

Perhaps it is well to point out that there is a difference between 
personality and principle. On the level of personality, we are all 
imperfect. We have no right to judge each other, since we all are 
vulnerable to such judging ourselves. But when our loyalty and 
devotion is tested, we can recognize that the real attacker is the 
disintegrating principle and we can respond with our best weapon, a 
pure heart, by defending that which we know to be true and right 
with every skill we can muster. 
> That which is GOOD can come about through conscious and unconscious
> intentions. Likewise that which is EVIL can come about through
> conscious and unconscious intentions.
> "..there are external and internal conditions which affect the
> determination of our will upon our actions, and it is in our power to
> follow either of the two. Those who believe in Karma have to believe
> in destiny, which, from birth to death, every man is weaving thread by
> thread around himself, as a spider does his cobweb; and this destiny
> is guided either by the heavenly voice of the invisible prototype
> outside of us, or by our more intimate astral, or inner man, who is
> but too often the evil genius of the embodied entity called man. Both
> these lead on the outward man, but one of them must prevail;" (SD I
> 639)
> Keeping this 'dual nature' of man in mind, we must not let the idea of
> tolerance become nothing more than a 'sop' which we use as a way of
> sitting on the fence while those that we are indebted to, such as HPB
> and the Mahatmas, are maligned.

It must be possible to defend those who sacrificed themselves in 
ways we cannot even imagine to bring to humanity the teachings it 
needs to further its evolution without betraying the principle of 
Brotherhood. We can remember that even diametrically opposed 
opinions can both be right. All depends upon perspective of 
consciousness. The individual has a right to his opinion, and that 
right must be respected. But the information put forth may indeed 
be faulty, and it is this that is the focus of our defense. Attacking 
our brother, no matter how misinformed he may be, only aligns us 
with the very negative force we wish to defuse. But if we can 
maintain balance, compassion, and tolerance, while providing the 
correct information, we become examples to others, perhaps even 
to those who criticize us, of the teachings themselves, as they can 
be expressed in daily life. We are all students, and the more we can 
reflect the higher principles as taught by all great teachers of the 
ancient wisdom, the more we can help each other to continue to 
grow in our ability to pursue our common goals.
> "Ingratitude is not among our vices, nor do we imagine you would wish
> to advise it. . . .", speaks the Mahatma KH.
> Let it not be one of *our* vices either.
> Discrimination, loyalty to the truth and to the 'Teacher', and the
> willingness to stand up and be counted are required just as much as
> tolerance and brotherly love.

Indeed, and it is no small task to integrate all these qualities into 
our lives. But we have very strong examples to look to, and to take 
heart from, as well as all the information we need to answer the 
most pressing questions that come up in our lives. We certainly do 
have much to be grateful for.

Best wishes,

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