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Jan 09, 2001 04:49 AM
by dalval14

Tuesday, January 09, 2001

Dallas offers:

Dear Friends;

Re: Notice about a fresh attack on H.P.B.:

As one who has lived over 35 years in India since his early youth
and has been associated with Theosophical studies for over 60
years, I WISH TO PROTEST again in the matter of K. Paul Johnson's
book: "THE MASTERS REVEALED" (1944). This book has been written
for sensational purposes and for profit. As far as I have been
able to determine it has noting of value in it. I said this
direct, years ago to Mr. Johnson. I asked him for proofs which
he has not offered so far.

As far as I can see it is a shameful and irreverent travesty of
claims in regard to those sacred and venerable members of the
Human Race who stand and who live only to help us. As such they
belong(ed) to no community, and yet they have belonged to all,
since they are truly wise IMMORTALS. In THE SECRET DOCTRINE,
Vol. 1, pp 272-3 their lineage and work for all of us may be
found traced.

Mr. Johnson (as I recall) says he spent less than a year in
India. Yet he claims to have discovered material concerning
which he writes, and which those who hold the archives of the
communities, referred to, will deny and contradict, if their
active support can be secured on matters so sacred to them. It
takes years of close association to secure such trust.

I repeat, having challenged Mr. Johnson to provide proofs years
ago : The statements made there in that book stand as NO
EVIDENCE for those who have lived long and researched
Theosophical matters in India for many years. Any Indian
Theosophist of long standing will be able to corroborate this.
We in America and Europe are at a disadvantage in terms of
distance, time and money to investigate and prove/disprove things
like this. And I for one say that this needs PROOF.

One need only refer to Mr. Daniel Caldwell's well documented
monographs titled :

" K. Paul Johnson's House of Cards? A Critical Examination of
Johnson's Thesis on the Theosophical Masters " D. H. Caldwell


"Methinks Johnson has "Shot" Himself in the "Foot." D. H.
Caldwell's replies to some of K. Paul Johnson's Rebuttal
Remarks.." D. H. Caldwell

These are available -- "on line" at
Or through

In regard to the life work of Mme. Blavatsky, it would be well to
remember that many things were alleged against her during her
life. Lord Lytton, who was then the Governor General and
representative of Queen Victoria for the governing of India, knew
her well and all government suspicions concerning her work and
activities were found to be unsound and were disposed of on the
spot. The matter of the existence of Mahatmas (as a belief among
the Hindus) was also well known to the authorities. That the
Theosophists of those days also believed in Them, and may have
been in communication with them, was not a matter of concern.

If one is able to understand the work of H.P.B. for Theosophy,
and study this carefully, one will realise that imputations of a
political nature have nothing to do with H.P.B. or with
Theosophy. This is a kind of proof as the authors of THE SECRET
DOCTRINE, ISIS UNVEILED and numerous Articles which are
philosophical and historical do not deal with the ploys of spies
and political chicanery.

It is interesting and distressing to see accusations against
H.P.B. surfacing over 100 years after her death. She disproved
and refuted them while alive.

Now she is dead, it becomes the duty of those who have benefited
from her generosity and self-sacrifice to come to her defence. I
THEREFORE PROTEST again this kind of action.

And I ask that equal justice be done to H.P.B. -- so that her
defence receives equal time with the time and effort used by
those who would detract from her stature and value.

What had she to say about these accusations? In an impartial
and present court of opinion, let those who are able to read the
accusations read also the defence she made. Who will make the
effort and bring these forward?


W. Dallas TenBroeck


In the book THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT 1875-1950 ( $ 8.75,
CUNNINGHAM PRESS, Los Angeles, Available through THEOSOPHY
COMPANY, Los Angeles, -- 213-748-7244 -- will be found the
evidence I refer to).


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From: Blavatsky Archives []
Sent: Monday, January 08, 2001 4:37 PM
To: Theosophy Study List
Notice by Leslie Price

Monday pm, January 8, 2001

I am forwarding the following news from Leslie Price.
The material is no doubt controversial in nature but
deserves close attention from interested students and


>>From Leslie Price (Jan. 7, 2001):


The independent Austrian- based historian Brigitte Muehlegger has
on her web site some documentary finds which suggest that Madame
and other Theosophical activists may have been involved in
attempts to
promote Sikh nationalism in India.

The research takes further the pioneering exploration by Paul
Johnson "The
Masters Revealed" SUNY 1994. Johnson has been in close
during the project, and taken his own research further.

Speaking about her research report, which can be found at

Ms. Muehlegger said "My editorial contains the documents
letters) about the Aryan League of Honour never before mentioned
in any
Theosophical publication. Also a never before published letter
quote from
Yarker to Blavatsky after she moved to India. It also mentions
the possible
source of the "7 volumes" that A.O.Hume referred to have seen in
the Punjab
shortly after the Arya Samaj moved its headquarters there.Plus
documents related to the intelligence agent activity of Notovitch
wrote 'The Secret Life of Jesus' claiming Jesus had spent several
in Tibet."

Ms Muehlegger welcomes comments or any further information to the
involved with this ongoing research project.

Elsewhere on her site can be found a rare interview with Dr James
editor of "Theosophical History" which has been deeply involved
publishing secret documents, and an interview with Leslie Price.

Daniel H. Caldwell

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