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Re: Theos-World Re: ordinary flapdoodle

Jan 08, 2001 11:23 AM
by Eugene Carpenter


I might see that influence in the pupils of Alice Bailey as they run the
Arcane School. That was Alice's project and the Tibetan was to stay out of
it. I don't see this in the books written by the Tibetan, especially Cosmic
Fire. But our higher selves guide us to what is best to balance and heal
our personalities of the moment.

It doesn't much matter to me. I pay attention to Alice and Helenna and stay
away from the derivative texts as I don't have the time. I know that what I
do read is purposefully blinded and veiled so I tend to screen for the
blinds and also reject that which seems to be false claims from other books
as a secondary effect. I have to admitt to being very open to Bailey and
Blavatsky, however, and may take in alot that I now need to really
re-consider and think through. I am, afterall, in my third round of reading
most all of their materials. I have to stop now, accept my ignorance and
deeply study Esoteric Healing by Bailey and all healing sections by HPB and
then bridge to medicine and pathology fields in the West. If I'd just done
Esoteric Healing, the focus would have been too narrow. I have to be
careful that the focus doesn't get too broad now, as Dallas has wisely
counselled me. So much to learn. If love helps I'll have to do much more
of that. Love integrates all this information. I tend to get bogged down
in all the information. I need to get back to "Waldon's Pond" and not so
much into books. Need balance.


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> Eugene,
> I forgot to keep Todd L. name in when I cut out his Creme crud. So my
> was aimed at him primarily.
> My "hooey detector" was developed during and after many years of devoted
> membership in the Arcane School & Arcana Workshops etc. At some point I
> to take some time to think about the non-congruence of AAB & HPB
> I discovered AAB was not developing or extending HPB's theosophy, but
> ignoring it and accepting blindly Leadbeater's inventions. Of course her
> psychic experiences tapped into the CWL/Besant astral miasma and that
> complicated it all the more.
> Best,
> Nicholas

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