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Re: [jcs-online] Bergson-Whitehead-Chaos - location of consciousness

Nov 25, 2000 02:08 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 11/24/00 3:01:40 AM, (Graham) 

>A philosophical view on the location of consciousness, for example:
>I don't think consciousness is located anywhere as it is not inside 
>space time. Location is a space time concept. However I think 
>consciousness focuses within space time and mainly the window lies 
>behind our primary sensory apparatus and within our primary sensory 
>processing organ.

But it also may be specifically located anywhere within the body shell, as 
instanced by the location of the consciousness of pain in the foot when we 
step on a nail. However this only applies to the perception itself -- but 
necessarily to the conscious perceiver, or the one who knows, its my foot. 
Therefore we have to separate the experience (or qualia) of consciousness 
related to a separate point in a field of consciousness, from the 
consciousness of being (or the connectivity of consciousness, in general, 
related to the fields of consciousness surrounding all such points). Thus, 
example; the visual perception seems to be centered on a point between the 
eyes in the center of the head, whereas the consciousness of self seems to 
encompass the entire body space. Could we then say that the conscious 
experience resides in any place we focus (or diffusively spread) our 

This of course, if true, would validate your thought that consciousness 
(related to the self or perceiver) is not located anywhere, as well as
my thought that consciousness (related to the perception) is located 
everywhere. Of course, this would be possible if the Universe were to be 
considered as being nothing more than fields within fields within fields, ad 
infinitum, ranging in energy as well as frequency from near infinite to near 
zero through a near infinite series of octaval phases or orders -- with each 
such field linked to every other field at their points of origin as well at 
intersections of their lines of force. 

Apparently, you agree with this by saying...
>I know that primary consciousness focus can relocate within the physical
>body. What evidence do I have? There lies a problem. Evidence that can
>pass the rigors of the scientific method. A true known can only be a 
>personal one. Some knowns are more easily accepted in our society than
>others. A particle accelerator has provided insights into atomic 
>structure. Focused introspection provides insights into the non local
>conscious structure. Both require rigorous application to provide noise
>reduced results. (Which is most likely to be considered real?)

I would assume, then (with reference to my comments above), that the 
latter, which gets directly to the (zero) point, would be considered real. 
While the former, which can only penetrate as far as the energy field 
barriers around that point, can only make an empirical approximation of 
>Consciousness can tap into a consensus reality in order to act locally.
>Consensus reality can evolve. Then there is individual reality which 
>bridges local and non local. This leads to wondering what consciousness
>is doing in purely non local modes, and would it be a wild assumption to
>consider that these modes are evolutionary too?

Perhaps, yes... Were we to consider (although I can't see how to "prove" 
scientifically) that consciousness (taken from the standpoint of both the 
"field" around the perceiver and the focal "point" of the perception itself) 
is both generated from and located in the zero-point of Space -- which, by 
the nature of its non-dimensionality and, thereby, its coadunation with 
every other zero-point, is centrally linked with every energy field in a 
multidimensional, multi-field universe, with each separate (although 
nonlocal) zero-point also linked to the central point of origin of all 
fields... And, therefore is, a priori, everywhere and nowhere simultaneously 
since all these fields would have to evolve, in a continuous interconnected 
and interdependent series, out of the first field of universal origin after 
the "Big Bang." 

Could this holistic view possibly be the basis of a final GUT that could link 
all four forces with each other and with consciousness, mind, will, and 
evolution, as well as tie together relativity and quantum theory -- while, 
also, making the "hard problem" of consciousness a moot question? 

Perhaps, it would help if scientific workers in the field of consciousness 
study would take into their consideration the mathematical conclusioins 
of the multidimensional Superstring/M-brane theories -- that seem to be 
heading in this direction. 

Leon Maurer

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