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Re: Theos-World Proven right or Wrong.(revised)

Nov 25, 2000 00:37 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 11/20/00 10:08:20 AM, (John 
Desantis) writes:

>Since the Theosophical Teaching is firmly grounded in the idea that "The 
>Universe is Embodied Consciousness", on every possible plane, meaning 
>that all the "living" substance of the universe (atoms, in all their 
>divisibility, and molecules, etc.), during any period of manifestation, no 
>matter how local or vast and distant, such as our planet, or the solar 
>or the galaxy, and so on, runs up into form BECAUSE of Thinking, if I more 
>or less understand the teaching correctly, it will be interesting to see what
>those students more knowledgeable then us can add to the discussion.

If "the Universe is Embodied Consciousness," then we should understand that 
before the noumenal or phenomenal Universe exists as such, Conscious 
"Awareness" (as distinct from Conscious "Thinking"), and its corollaries, 
Will, and Intelligence, are the inherent aspects of the "Rootless Root" or 
primal Zero (Laya) Point of Universal origin. 

>From this "Laya Point" and its surrounding (non-manifest) Energy (of Spin or 
"spinergy"), the Universe emanates it's two coenergetic attributes of 
manifest Spirit or Consciousness (Perusha), and Matter (Prakriti). 
Subsequently, from those two opposite aspects (collectively, Mulaprakriti, 
when considered along with their surrounding field of Universal Spirit or 
Consciousness), evolves Mahat, the noumenal root of phenomenal Mind, and 
Fohat, the noumenal root of phenomenal Matter -- both guided and empowered by 
the primal Awareness, Intelligence, and Will inherent in the surrounding 
field of manifest Energy (and all its differentiation's) as well as in their 
own coadunate Laya points of origin. Thus, everything in the manifest 
Universe is nothing but Energy.

If we look at it from the standpoint of the lawful (and logically 
progressive) emanative flow of the first "Ray" that forms the primal cyclic 
trinity of phenomenal energy fields, and "As above, so below," as symbolized 
in the Universal Field Diagram at: -- 
we see that the upper or positive inner field of phenomenal Consciousness 
manifests prior to the lower or negative field of phenomenal Matter (both 
surrounded by, as well as an integral part of the primal field of noumenal 
Cosmic Consciousness). 

As the inner fields further evolve through their third differentiation, we 
see that Manas (Mind linked to Mahat) manifests prior to Body (Material Forms 
linked to Fohat). Thus, Consciousness, through higher Mind (Manas) involves 
in and informs Matter, and Matter, through the Vital or Life energy (Prana), 
evolves around and ultimately transforms Consciousness. 

With this in mind, we can truthfully say that "the Universe is embodied 
consciousness"... But, it would be misleading to presume that Matter in the 
manifest Universe depends upon "thinking" in a holistic sense. The Universe 
in its pre-Cosmic state does not think. It is pure intuitive Intelligence (or 
Wisdom), backed by Awareness and Will -- from which phenomenal consciousness 
and mind, (as we use them to think, calculate, create, etc.) are later 
evolutionary differentiation's or developments. 

However, it may be possible to say; Once Mahat and Fohat differentiate into 
the Chohanic "Builders" who must use their inherent (intuitive) Cosmic 
intelligence to direct and construct the primal formations of the Universe, 
that such "construction" is the result of their "Thoughts." In this sense it 
would also be correct to say that "Energy follows Thought." But, Energy does 
not necessarily follow Consciousness or Matter in their sequence of 
origination -- since primal Energy (as represented by pre-cosmic "spin") is 
the inherent potential of abstract motion, and is the rootless root or 
driving Force behind the manifestation of conscious awareness and thinking 
mind. But, once Mahat (Cosmic Mind) along with Fohat (Cosmic Energy) 
manifests, we can say that the changes in Energy, or its transformations into 
the subsequent "formations" of Matter, follow the directions of Thought -- 
which is the imaginative function of Mind. Thus, the concept, "Mind over 
Matter" is a valid one, and is the basis of psychic healing, and other 
"psychic (mental) powers latent in man" (which, in the third object of the 
Theosophical Movement, theosophists are enjoined to "investigate").

I hope this adds some further clarification to John's ideas.


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