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Re: Theos-World The Theosophical Masters

Nov 22, 2000 10:07 PM
by Govert W. Schuller

Dear Mr. Brendan French,

Very much appreciated and enjoyed your piece about HPB and the
Masters and your carefully laid out epistemological position
regarding the Master's ontological status. As long as we don't
have repeated personal experiences of these beings they stay
objects of faith, however well reasoned and plausible.

Can you inform us about the availability of your Ph.D. thesis?

Can you maybe also enlighten us about your understanding of
phenomenology in connection with the investigation of religious
phenomena; it's importance to the scholarly study of theosophy;
and maybe even--and this is what I'm really interested in--share
with us if you see a possibility of an overlap between a
phenomenologically based theology and the philosophical aspects
of theosophy.

Thanks in advance and happy thanksgiving to all on this list.

Govert Schuller

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Subject: Theos-World The Theosophical Masters

Recent discussion in this group has devolved upon the physical
existence of the Theosophical Masters. Arthur Gregory, Peter
Merriott, Daniel (Caldwell?), Nick Weeks, Bart Lidofsky, and
Dallas have each made contributions. Although I have not
previously taken part in any exchanges on this site, I thought in
this matter I might add one or two thoughts of my own.

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