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Re: Theos-World Re: Point of view- THIS is a Classic example

Nov 21, 2000 12:53 PM
by Eugene Carpenter

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Subject: Theos-World Re: Point of view- THIS is a Classic example

> Gene,
> You have put it pretty much as I see it too. There are arguements
> that lead to proofs both extreme views, eternalism and nihlism, that
> is why the middle way is so important. So we are left with cause and
> effect in the end to work with. With consciousness as a form of
> energy, perhaps the highest form of energy, what is there to do with
> it? Every time we get a new idea of our self we undergo a profound
> transformation and awakening. The parts of the old self that are no
> longer part of the present pattern of consciousness fall away like
> dead leaves. The primary cause of all this "Something" coming into
> manifestation is dependence upon the false cognition that there is
> an "I" somewhere. Now this can provoke major insecurity, but the
> question does come down to whether "I" exist or not? Am "I" something?

I'm wondering this way:

In set theory is seems that "one" is a reference too the zero. Take an
empty set that represents zero and put an empty set in it. It becomes the
set representing one.

Is there only one one?

There is the positive one.

There is the negative one

Then there is the imaginary one.

Perhaps the "I" that is there yet is not there, is the oscillating one.

(Big smile here) i am that i am (with i meaning the square root of minus

Then those who claim there is no "i" are correct. Then those who claim
there is indeed an "i" are correct, that, is, if they stay in proper
relationship to each other. AHHHHH!

Then(sheer genius, sheer genius) this imaginary one at the atmic level
polarizes at the buddhic level into plus one and minus one yet they are
still one continous whole.

Then the negative one and the positive one, at the next(manasic) level are
held together through a causal body, scientifically, as one wholistic and
occult body of knowledge.

And remembering that one might be a cosmic photon: doesn't the photon
"decay" into an electron and a positron, a minus and a positive?

Aren't we on the verge of solving all of life's problems right at this
moment? Smile, hope, hope!

AND MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE the electron is the shadow side which we see in our
material world(the electrifying little personality) and the positron is like
the soul that we don't see and when we can get them together then we are
back being photons again travelling at 300,000 cms per second!


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