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Articles of belief and faith:

Nov 21, 2000 08:46 AM
by arthra999

There are a few articles of belief among the best theosophists, 
the bare mention of which produces upon certain persons and 
classes of society the effect of a red rag on an infuriated bull. 
One of these is our belief--very harmless and innocent per se--in 
the existence of very wise and holy personages, whom some 
call their MASTERS, while others refer to them as "Mahatmas." 

Now, these may or may not actually exist--(we say they do); they 
may or may not be as wise, or possess altogether the wonderful 
powers ascribed to, and claimed for them. All this is a question 
of personal knowledge--or, in some cases, faith.

- Helena Petrovna Blavatskaya

Have a good holiday my friends!

- Arthur Gregory

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