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Re: Theos-World Abstract thinking

Nov 13, 2000 06:49 PM
by giovanna

Hello thanks for the support:
I am new to this list, so i hope that my posting does not deviate from the main purpose of this discussion.

i have studied metaphysics most all of my life and symbology works it's way into all that i think, do and say. It is most difficult not to think abstractly when you are taught to do this from an early age.

It is astounding what we have lost with the advent of systematically educating our youth to live to sell a product. One way that we can work the magic back into our lives is to discover the relationship of mythologies within ourselves. To look into the vast reaches of our past and view the gods and goddesses as parts of us, and discover which ones are speaking at any given moment in time. It is even better to discover which are consistently in place within us, because this allows us to constellate with them, within the mythological landscape of their own development within our own seasonal growth.

When a person says that some people cannot think abstractly i must question what is it that is not abstract within the person. It is my understanding that there is abstract thought, before a systematically organized one can exist. We may not remember the abstract formula, however, this does not mean that it is not there, or was the seed which planted itself within our thought processes before we organized it into the thought that we could make sense out of... should the abstract thought not find a fertile bed in which to deposit it's seed thought, then perhaps the person who received the abstract thought may not even notice that s/he had one, because they where not able to process it.

I do not even think that it is possible not to have an abstract thought. The phenomena of the mandala within our vision of awareness may very well be the beginnings of abstract thought formulating themselves into patterns of awareness. These mandelas have been mathematically mapped out and studied which show how to lead us to the origin of thought itself. I am not a mathematician so i cannot easily explain to you how this is occurs... but if anyone is interested i can point to a person's link who has studied this for many years... it is called synthetic dimensions... i call it a Bridge to consciousness...

Dreams themselves can be very abstract, and may help a person who is hoping to reach that part of themselves on a conscious level. Another good mechanism that i have found to work with is the Celtic knots... the art work and the stories and mythologies which are embedded within those twisted ways are astounding... still another route is the use of the Major Arcana of the Sacred Tarot... i would support this route should the person using the Tarot use a deck which uses the classic symbology such as the Builders of the Adytum self made decks. {}

Of course the practice of meditation is of primary importance, as well as meditation on various ancient symbols in order to access deeper part of oneself...

It would be interesting to know how others view the world in abstract terms and what this means for others. For me it means that there are languages one can study in order to speak to people in various part of the world... and then there are languages which spirits, gods, goddesses, fairies, gnomes, the elements, space, "things", pictures, symbols, speak all around us, and their languages are diverse and rich beyond compare, if we learn how to listen.


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