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Re: The Mahatma:

Nov 11, 2000 07:51 AM
by Arthur E. Gregory

--- In, "Sherab Dorje" <sherab@w...> 
> What a supremely beautiful devotional prayer to the Mahatma.
> Thank you for posting this. What tradition or secular origin is it 
> attributed to?
> Sherab

I agree Sherab! The quote as I mentioned is from the 
Yogavasistharamayana or as some call it the Maharamayana of 
Yoga Vasistha. It is a classic philosophical work ranked very 
highly with Vedantins and Sivaites. Sri Ramakrishna said of it: "It 
is fried in the butter of knowledge and steeped in the honey of 

You can acquire a copy of it from SUNY State University of New 
York Press translated by Swam Venkatesananda.

I have another translation from India that is about five volumes. It 
is well worth reading!!!!

- Art

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