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Uniting under the banner of Ahimsa:

Oct 30, 2000 03:00 AM
by arthra999

Thank you Sherab for your letter.

It may be that the concept of "Ahimsa" - "noninjury to all living 
things" could be a focus for us rather than the intellectual area... 
Even though there will be different opinions and histories, 
cultivating Ahimsa is such a basic and fundamental principle to 
Yoga, Sanatana Dharma, Jaina Dharma, Buddha Dharma, that it 
should be the basis for a universal movement.

>From Ahimsa comes advancement in spiritual life as well as a 
new civilization ...

In Christianity the concept is tu8rning the other cheek and 
returning good for evil, this is foundational in Buddhism. But 
since it is so often ignored and held in disrepute by many, it 
appears radical and innovative.

The early theosophists had as you know come from advanced 
groups of thinkers who sometimes even by today's standards 
would be considered radicals and revolutionaries. I believe it 
was Katherine Tingley who organized a march for world peace in 
San Diego engaging the Marine Corps band... Annie Besant 
was involved in the Indian independence movement ... reforms 
in prisons were encouraged by theosophists... We also have 
the Theosophical Order of Service.. And I think we should 
acknowledge the social experiments of our cousins the 

But the basis of these things and what can unite us is the 
principle of Ahimsa.

- Art

--- In, "Sherab Dorje" <sherab@w...> 
> Dear Friends,
> Thank you for your kind responses to my posting of "opinions" 
> the Theosophical Movement. The measure was appreciated 
and in the 
> process I was led to feel like there is good company here.
> It would certainly be good to see a healing of wounds between 
> branches but that may never happen. The Tibetan Buddhists 
> fanned out all over the world and they are teaching, to thankfully 
> many receptive ears. It is expected to take several generations 
> incubation for some really good practioners to manifest and 
> some will sooner. Thankfully, the work of the Theosophical 
> broke the ground, planted the seeds, and prepared many 
minds in the 
> west today for receptivity to the teachings of the Buddha 
Dharma. .....(etc.)


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