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Ommony and Art

Oct 29, 2000 09:16 PM
by Sherab Dorje

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your kind responses to my posting of "opinions" about 
the Theosophical Movement. The measure was appreciated and in the 
process I was led to feel like there is good company here.

It would certainly be good to see a healing of wounds between the 
branches but that may never happen. The Tibetan Buddhists have 
fanned out all over the world and they are teaching, to thankfully 
many receptive ears. It is expected to take several generations of 
incubation for some really good practioners to manifest and perhaps 
some will sooner. Thankfully, the work of the Theosophical Movement 
broke the ground, planted the seeds, and prepared many minds in the 
west today for receptivity to the teachings of the Buddha Dharma. If 
we take the "Mission" of the movement, as a regard to the 
evolutionary development of the "Buddhi Manas" of mankind, then the 
transfer of the Tibetan teachings to the West is certainly in step 
with this plan.

When these teachings have matured then we may begin to see some 
important dialogues begin among Theosophists about the content of the 
Theosophical doctrines. If the doctrines do evolve, they must do so 
slowly over great lengths of time. My personal sense is that even on 
the side of these occult doctrines of Theosophy, there are other 
layers of occult teachings even more true that cannot be written 
because the writing would in fact obscure these truths. The 
transmission of these teachings must necessarily be by other means.

It was a delight for me to discover Point Loma and to learn about 
what had happened there. I am indebted to the Small family for 
sharing this fabulous history with me. It must have been quite a time 
growing up in a community of artists, writers, and great humanists 
like that. 

Kat, I too, thought that The Secret of the Abhor Valley, would make a 
wonderfully spiritual adventure story in movie media. Perhaps one day 
when the trees stop falling on you...

Blessings of health and happyness to all,

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