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Re: Theos-World About The Theosophical Movement

Oct 26, 2000 08:57 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Sherab Dorje wrote:
>has been discovered. As with all things of value the writings of
>theosophists must also stand the test of time and be weighed against
>our own truths. There are two components to Wisdom, the intellectual
>knowledge, and the actual realization of it. It is very important to
>rely on the writings, but only as a guide, as they must also be
>tested by you. There is great knowledge in these writings and there
>is also some chaff, it is up to each one to do his or her own
Well said, Sherab. HPB is the licmus test for the later Theosophists, esp. for those who have claimed to have been in touch with her after she went and claimed to follow her, having higher teachers then she or have renewed her.

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