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Re: About The Theosophical Movement

Oct 26, 2000 04:22 PM
by arthra999

Thanks Sherab for your views... I happen to have visited the 
original grounds of Point Loma not long ago masquerading as a 
disoriented tourist as the property is now a Nazarene College or 
such. To me they have preserved rather well the main 
buildings... It was a special treat for me and my family and no 
one came after us for trespassing... 

I also feel Tingley was certainly for the ethical movement of 
theosophy and highly regard her efforts... There was a period 
however that I wondered about her being an "autocrat" as she 
assumed the mantle of authority and to be rather authoritarian.

I do enjoy the publications however from the Theosophical 
University Press and magazine.

Shalom, Salaam and Shanti

- Art

--- In, "Sherab Dorje" <sherab@w...> 
> Dear Friends,
> You all have Theosophy in common and as you must recall, it 
is all 
> about creating a Brotherhood of Mankind.....
> After H.P.B. passed on the Movement split into two main 
> because there was a difference about whether psychic powers 
should or 
> should not be employed in furthering the aims of the 
> Movement. The branch that primarily took root in southern 
> around Katherine Tingley, and G. De Purucker, formed around 
> notion that, as H.P.B. had warned against the use of psychic 
> their focus would primarily be centered on the ethical tradition 
as a 
> way of life or path. We now understand these ethical teachings 
to be 
> the precepts of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. The other 
> that headquartered in Adyar, India, with Annie Besant, and 
> Leadbeater, developed to explore and further the Theosophical 
> Movement along the lines of the psychic development of man. 
> branches had and still have at their heart the original desire to 
> further the development in the world a brotherhood of all 
> living in peace and harmony through the knowledge and 
practice of the 
> wisdom traditions.

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