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Mr Gregory.. :))

Oct 18, 2000 10:04 AM
by Shampan-e-Shindh

Mr Gregory wrote:
"What I am trying to articulate is that during the early
movement there was the beginning of exposure to early
translations of
Buddhist, Hindu scriptures and philosophy and people in the West
to color these philosophys with their earlier exposure to western

esoteric traditions as well as spiritualism and such."

Mr Gregory.. you have really done it. This is a thread I wish to
get up on. With due respect to all religions, most are practised
with the superficial guidelines and regulations and the most
insignificant issues of them. Rather than what was the
core-material or objective...My view of course.

Emphasis so much on the Theosophical "terms", or
"personalities"(who tried to explain the root concept in their
own view, not saying they are wrong, but only ONE view of a much
larger concept) seems just as much a .. mistake. The concept of
spiritualism, Theosophy, Philosophy.. is not so complicated.
While their motives might be good, they try to explain in various
words, making it more "off-track" from the main concept.. most
likely not intentionally.

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