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RE: theos-l digest: October 17, 2000 ABORTION and KARMA

Oct 18, 2000 02:04 AM
by Dallas Tenbroeck

Oct 18th 2000

Dear Kym:

Re KARMA., foeticide, abortion, murder, individual
responsibility ...etc...

Apparently the views of occultism as expressed by HPB will not
find entire favor in modern eyes, where involuntary parents
assume the right to terminate and unexpected pregnancy and thus
not only deny the Karmic entrance of an old soul into a new body
suitable to it and its parents. But the whole responsibility of
parenting has become debased to a very low level indeed.

For illicit and personal pleasures we now have the physical means
of more or less sanitizing the karmic results and avoiding
responsibility. This does invite a very wide survey of the inner
motives of most of us in regard to this particular matter of
married (and / or unmarried life).. Some of these seekings may
turn out to be quite unpleasant.

Theosophy states that everything is ruled by Karma.

The Monad in Man makes him an embodiment of the Creative aspect
of Spiritual volition. This power gives him mobility, creativity
and also responsibility for the consequences. It is the root of
brotherhood as each of us affects others and ought to care for

It is inevitable that we constantly flow with Karma and making
new effects, we add to or smooth out the many elements of Karmic
flow. Apparently there are 7 great and general layers of the
constant Karmic progression (which we call evolution) and those
may be surmised to correspond with the 7 great sidereal and human
"principles" no doubt. At least this is also something to think

As such, by independent and self-centered choices, Man makes
either helpful or disturbing additions to the already existing
flow of Karma, and those automatically reflect on others and will
inevitably return to him, as their originator. If to this we add
the factor of reincarnation and karmic relations of family and
friends that extend back over numerous incarnations we will find
that our ancestral past in the theosophic sense is vast indeed.

As to whether there is or is not a conflict apparent in your
observation, we do not yet have a power to view the whole of the
event, and its potentials. We can however follow the rationale
and logic of theosophical doctrines and see if they are
reasonable (not whether we 'life' them or not).

At least, that is how I view the matter.


D. T. B.

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Dallas offered a bit of an article by HPB:


The use of the term "feticide" makes immediately obvious the

Besides, I fail to see how HPB or anyone knows whether or not it
is a
particular woman's KARMA to be a mother or a man to be a father
or a girl
to be a doctor or a child to be beaten. To declare to know what
someone's karma and what is not someone's karma is usually very
discouraged, even in Theosophy. If someone wants to base his or
her moral,
ethical, and spiritual judgments according to his or her
knowledge of everyone else's karma - well, good luck! - ye and
else around ye are going to need it.

And if it is true that "feticide is a crime against nature", then
often commits crimes against itself. How does that play in the
theory of


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