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Re: Theos-World Re: Doctrine of Avataras and The Christ

Oct 16, 2000 07:03 PM
by Spencer

There is a book published by Concord Grove Press, The Mystery of theAvatar,that deals with the subject of avatars and bodhisattvas.

ssk wrote:

--- In, ernesto <ernesto@b...> wrote:
> Hello Group:
> According to C.W. Leadbeater, the place of the Christ in the White
> was the place of a Boddhisatva, a human being near to the
> a Buddha.  But, I don´t know if HPB said something about the
> the Christ.  Did she do it?  What did she said?
> Shouldn´t we consider the Christ, in accordance to what he said
> Bible, as an Avatara?

I was interested in David's remarks about Christ as an Avatar...I am
reminded of Annie Besant's book Avataras that is no longer in print.
She goes through the Avataras of Vishnu which she identifies withthe
evolution of humanity... In Leadbeater's view of the appearance of
Lord Maitreyya he seems to identify Maitreya with the Christ at the
Wesak festival in the hidden Himalayan valley... Besant says each
has its own Teacher or Bodhisattwa the learned , full of wisdom and
truth.  The problem may be in having more systems than one to explain
these things, so on one hand you  have Avataras in the Vaishnavite
Hindu model in which the promise is made that when darkness is great
and man cries out for enlightenment, an Avatar is manifested. To me
the Christ would meet this criteria. Again, if we take the concept of
teh Bodhisattwa which is oin Mahayana Buddhism the concept of a pure
being postponing their own final liberation from birth and death, the
Christ could fit this model as well. To an extend a Bodhisattwa and
Avatar would be similar but they are also distinct in some ways
from different contextual views.  There is also the view of the
Anthroposophists who would place the Christ in their own contextual
framework and what that means. I think independent investigation and
study are called for here and that there should be no dogmatic
requirements involved in this question.

I can see the beautiful metaphors and applications to occult truths
that the Christ story involves. Lately I've been interested in
considering the Ahmaddiyah view that Christ somehow survived the
crucifixion experience and was able to travel to the lost sheep or
tribes in the east.

- Art


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