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Fwd: Public radio talk in the Netherlands by G. de Purucker

Oct 13, 2000 04:58 PM
by Eldon Tucker

--- In, "Eldon Tucker" <eldon@t...> wrote:
This is to announce the start of the mahat list at 
The list is for multimedia theosophical materials. New materials
will initially be announced and appear in the list's archives.
Eventually they'll migrate to other websites, and there will 
be links to the new locations. 

The first item has been added to the archives. (They are readable
by anyone, but you need to subscribe to the list if you want to
get email notices of future additions, as they happen.)

The item is a 17 minute radio talk given by G. de Purucker in
The Netherlands in the 1930's. It's an mp3 file is about 3MB in
size. You can download the file directly from:

For the homepage for the mahat list, see:

For more information.
--- End forwarded message ---

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