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Theos-World Re: Views on begging:

Oct 13, 2000 05:32 AM
by Kathleen Arc

Dear Art -- My problem was after about 10 years of Hatha yoga, it made me
too fragile emotionally to be able to live in Kali Yuga! How's 'bout them
apples!! Life is full of awesome surprises.  

So with incredible karma I was led to an incredible spiritual teacher --
one who had synthesized Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich and HPB....Torkom
Saraydarian. From that time I began to learn many principles which
strengthened me physically, emotionally and mentally -- and I "ain't done
yet"! But I had to drop the fragility I had acquired with Hatha Yoga and
move into what might be termed "Raja Yoga" -- the union of the intellect --
and then finally "Bhakti Yoga" -- the union of the Heart...because my
teacher knew from Straight Knowledge that I needed an open Heart this
trip...that my head had gotten totally carried away in the "past". So I
had to let go of Hatha Yoga -- not easy to do because it aided me at one
time to drop much worse habits of the '60's...but it was wonderful for me
when I needed it -- and very familiar right away.

Much love -- Kat in Italy

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