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Re: The old ways still work...

Oct 13, 2000 04:50 AM
by arthra999

Maybe Dennis we're talking about two aspects of the same elephant... 
At some point for spiritual advancement I think a one on one is 
absolutamente essential... People may see something that sparks an 
interest in a movie, magazine...something triggers their inner self
investigate further. 

What I dislike are those who are merchandizing truths that should be 
available to all ... or at least based on the sincerety of the seeker 
and willingness to investigate... The other concern I have is that
have an elite forming who can afford to take lesons or purchase the 
books leaving out those who are just as worthy... I think the TSA 
should be commended for keeping the membership dues at a minimum or 
allowing some way to ease a less wealthy individual to join. Other 
esoteric groups in charging four or more times as much are creating a 
kind of elitism. This is happening in Yoga, so you have a topsie 
turvie affair with only the affluent affording Yoga instruction,
the real traditional basis of Yoga is on Vairagya, dispassion and 
detachment from worldly possessions...So this is what is essential to 
be wary of elitist, secretive organizations that will cater to a very 
select audience.

- Art

--- In, "Dennis Kier" <dennw3k@e...> wrote:
> Yes, you are right <in your situation>.
> You are talking about the one on one situation. But, then, if we go
> into the bookstores, or specalty shops, we see the loads of tacky
> knick-knacks, and the tons of books on occult and mystical subjects,
> we are out on the other extreme of the Wisdom Teachings.


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