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Fw: attempt at smooth intellectual understanding of esoterics

Oct 12, 2000 05:14 PM
by Eugene Carpenter

I forward this to the theosophy group for consideration.

Esoteric Science

Dear Group,
This is probably the final outline of a form of meditation I have been doing for twenty years.  It is a relief that I seem to be able to go no further and have seemed to find a wall of silence that seems to be a natural limit.
Let this blank space represent absolute silence on all matters esoteric:
The basic trinity, the most primitive that one might ever imagine would then be the famous three aspects:
2. (        )
3. (     )       (     )       (     )       . . .infinity
1. Will aspect
2. Love/consciousness aspect
3. Intellectual aspect
Let total unconditioned consciousness and bare subjectivity be all there is, the ALL(the second aspect above)
IT has three aspects:
1.  Consciousness as it is, empty, aware of the silence 
2.  Consciousness aware of Itself
3.  Consciousness aware of Itself and the silence(the Intellect)(how very Zen)
symbolized by
1. (     )
2. ( ( ) )
3. (     ( ), ( ( ) )     )
Consciousness of Itself is the primal self-reference and leads to an infinite regress of states of consciousness.  These are best organized like music and light (and ourown thought) into sets of seven with each subset having seven subsets on and onand on, infinitely.
1. Pick a subset.  Leave it empty.  Call it the first plane or state of consciousness for some Being.
2. Pick the next lower subset.  Placea circle in it the symbol of Total Unconditioned Consciousness and Bare Subjectivity.  Call it the second plane or state of consciousness.
3. Pick the next lower subset.  Placean empty space and a circle in it in infinite alternation, each with equal "duration".
The next four states, completing the set of seven states, are the permutations of these primary three so all seven are:
1. Consciousness of the will aspect or Reality(asserted)
2. Consciousness of the love/consciousnessaspect or Subjectivity
3. Consciousness of both of the above states of consciousness or Objectivity
4. Pure mathematics or the harmonized beauty of the subjective/objective expressive aspects of Life, the integrated whole of the two expressive aspects, one unified expression, Life Itself!
5. Wisdom/Science(occultism: altruism pureand simple) or the abstract knowledge of the true Self(Wisdom) causally connected(through the causal body of the Higher Self) with the  concrete knowledge of matter(Science) The Law of Reality objectively expressed(Nature), a principled de-emphasis of subjectivity
6. Emotion, Idealism, Devotion, Dreams, Feelings: the Law of Reality felt in the heart of hearts; a principled anti-intellectuality, a principled subjective but non-objective view.
7. Physical: The Law of Reality, Subjective expression of that Law and Objective expression of that Law all working together for the total and supreme expression of the beauty, science, feelings and magic of the natural world.
From the Silence, the very limit of human expression, to the future end of time when humanity, as a whole, will walk and care for this earth fulfilling the Law through love and light.
"Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth."

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