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alienlife and DNA

Oct 11, 2000 08:05 PM
by Estrella

Beings from other planets or suns do
not vibrate at the same pattern or angle of bonding. This is why
breeding experiments are reported by abducties.

Or a major group of alienlife close to here "could" vibrate to the same planetary-galaxy vibration as we do, as for example, "we" have more close love-hate relationships between Mexicans, U.S. pepole and Latinamerican individuals, than Mexicans with Europeans or pepole from Kazahastan, for example.

The simply posibility of alien abductions and experiments to be true, that involucrates an inteligent life doing scientific experiments that deals with DNA, molecular, genetic, physiological and medical studies, part all of a grounded and "very real" explanation of a phenomena. "astral" "etheric" "maitreyic" explanations of aliens going to save the world and that are more close to metaphysical explanations of a phenomena.

We are as we are because
we are where we are.
and probably because we are where we are, that we have the unexplained phenomena that we have.
 Other possibilities exist in the DNA which will
manifest when the world vibration changes, But for now this is it.

Simply: pepole from other planets go and take free samples of aliens forms to them, to study them, as a weekend biologist goes to pick up frogs to the swamp. big deal.


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