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Ufos, astral visions and fairies

Oct 11, 2000 07:52 PM
by Estrella

Katinka wrote:
I don't like you talking about theosophists like we are one homogeneous
group. There has not been much response to your question on aliens, which
does not mean that people don't have an opinion, or even that all opinions
are like Roberts.

    Sorry if i bother you, I didn't mean to be irritating to someone of my probable generalization. The point is that Robert is not the only one here that has a disfavorable opinion of the existence of alienlife, i have seen some other posts once in a while trying to find "astral" and complicated explanations to something that for me could have a much more easy explanation.
    Sorry. don't take it as an aggresion, please!! :-p

Since I think we are hardly able to see and observe all the life on our
own planet, I should certainly think that we should not be able to
recognize life on other planets. In fact, it is precicely because the
reported aliens in most of the stories are so very like us, that I doubt
the reality of them.
As long is nothing with a fact or an investigation background, otherways everything is just speculations, even though i really believe in the posibility of alienlife.

> And talking of poor imagination?? A "plasmatic" "imaginary" "etheric"
> alien life is not for me, and contradicts of what i believe.
Do you deny the etheric life on our own planet? I mean stuf like
nature-spirits and what HPB called elementals and elementaries?

No, i do not deny it. as I don't affirm it also with basis, because i have a scientist background. In my own personal beliefs, there are some nature phenomena not well explained, that Theosophy explanations about etheric life is the more coherent and reasonable one.

suppose all consciousness takes bodies of the most physical kind, like

Why not??  If descriptions of etheric life that pepole has seen are accurate, then fairies "Should NOT" be of human shape, if we follow accurately your point here. And most of fairies descriptions "ARE" of some certain humanoid shape, "as" aliens obvserved lifeshapes.

Since in the astral, more (or more easily) than
in the physical, imagination is something real (which is the reason that
visualization can work) - something imagined still has a reality, dispite
the bad reputation that word has.

So that is why pepole see aliens with sort of humanoid shapes, fairies of humanoid shapes, and Elvis is still alive, for some pepole who really believe on him.

>     Why isn't, the posibility, that in this very important turnover for
> us, of inteligent lifes from other worlds coming to Earth to observe,
> investigate, suggest, help (or jinx, it happens-abducctions ex) this
> rare and unexplored world for them?? (Probably not that rare)
I suppose that is possible, but as said before, I tend to explain the same
things in a way which leaves consciousness from outer space out of the

So you explain it as your points of view that involucrates mostly etheric and astral experiences, I have to explain them with my science background, so it is more believable for me (As far i don't have psychic habilities that i know about for having basis to affirm the reality of etherical space and beings) the real, solid, alien shape.

Why complicate with absurd "ethereal"
> "bubbling" theories??? Why not just surrender to the obvious?
Because it isn't obvious. And for me the astral stuff is obvious as an 

For me, that I haven't a basis to affirm the reality of astral stuff, (Probably when i get my superduper "astralpsychic vision" powers) that isn't obvious either.


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