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Re: Theos-World Kundalini

Oct 11, 2000 04:44 PM
by Dennis Kier

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Subject: Re: Theos-World Kundalini

> wrote:

> > A test that you can make is whether the person teaching anything
> > this subject of spiritual liberation or such wants a remuneration
> > fee. I would be suspicious of such a person and have always
> > teachers who offered lessons in this area for fees. The great
> > teachers offer these things to worthy students who are sincere and
> > pure of heart and money never enters the picture.

> Until the teacher starves to death.
> Bart Lidofsky


It is different this time. It does take money to exist in our time and
location. It was OK to have nothing, and beg for food, and have little
or no property, long ago.

Now, it takes licenses, postage, and literature, and volunteers to
package and assemble the materials. As you say, to stay alive the
teacher needs to eat. In the old days, the teacher could get along by
having only a few pupils. In our time, a teacher teaches thousands. So
now, if you want the teachings, you should at least offer to pay for
the materials, and for the teacher's time, if not for the teachings

Of course, in the old days, it was the student that scrounged around
for food for the group. Can we understand that the person who is
suspicious when money is mentioned wants to take, but never give?

It was not too much different for Col. Olcott and HPB, who spent most
of their own money for the Society, and got little but adulation in

Different cultures need different approaches to spread the Teachings.


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