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Re: Theosophy and UFOs

Oct 09, 2000 08:54 PM
by arthra999

> Why not surrender to the obvious?? We are on a verge of crucial 
time for our WHOLE WORLD, the internet conections and the protests of 
> and Praga are just the tip of the iceberg, is a vast ad saying to 
> Why isn't, the posibility, that in this very important turnover 
for us, of inteligent lifes from other worlds coming to Earth to 
> investigate, suggest, help (or jinx, it happens-abducctions ex)
rare and unexplored world for them?? (Probably not that rare)
> I remember when all the famous astronomers and scientists made 
that table saying of the billions and billions of stars, the 
posibility of life
> in just one galaxy, could make for millions of inteligent life 
populated worlds. and just is one galaxy.
> I just love to dream. Theosophy does'nt take off my 
dream. it just makes it more rich. Why complicate with absurd 
> "bubbling" theories??? Why not just surrender to the obvious???
> Estrella

I like what you're saying Esrella! Other beings are likely in and out 
of our space a lot and we simply are insensitive to it! 

A thought also occurs to me about the other life forms on our planet 
and what is happening to them in a rather wholesale dramatic way in 
the form of extinction. 

Seems that we spend billions on space programs and 
wanting to learn about the cosmos which is a wonderful thing but we 
then step all over the other life forms here on earth. If I was one
of those life forms from another world or dimension I think I would
very wary of contacting our species.

- Art


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