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Theosophy and UFOs

Oct 09, 2000 04:29 PM
by Estrella

roberthutwohl <> Wrote:
One question to be applied is whether the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion,
Who are humanity¹s protectors and guides, would allow the entry in to our
own world-system from other systems, other units of consciousness from other
worlds which could possibly disrupt the evolutionary progress or balance,
i.e. spriritually-mentally-physically?

Why not??

 However, I have no doubts about the
necessity of other forms of consciousness inhabiting other globes, spheres,
worlds, and stars. The economy of nature and the intent of
divine-intelligent Impulse from the level of divine-substance or the ONE
ELEMENT would prohibit otherwise.

So what is the problem??

    We are living in the finals of a materialistic era, where machines now are for our benefit, not for us to complicate life about it.
As it is, and the atomic blast a real threat not just for us, but for the whole solar system area, the fact that other races of beings of differents levels of evolution, different shapes and consitutions, different of us politicaly, economicaly, spiritual and a whole very different concept of the universe, are  visiting us,  it is for me of amazing that theosophy students, DO NOT CONCIEVE the posibility of just not different shaped races to our owns, (As put comically on ET sort of versions movies) but the posibility of races not just with different spiritual levels  (better or worse) but of different ways of living of our owns. Isn't just amazing the fact that here, in our own world, coexist pepole with so different salaries, so different ways of living, living on diferent economies, ecosystems, shapes, sizes and figures???

And talking of poor imagination?? A "plasmatic" "imaginary" "etheric" alien life is not for me, and contradicts of what i believe.

    Why not surrender to the obvious?? We are on a verge of crucial time for our WHOLE WORLD, the internet conections and the protests of Seattle and Praga are just the tip of the iceberg, is a vast ad saying to ourselves: MANKIND NEEDS TO CHANGE....
    Why isn't, the posibility, that in this very important turnover for us, of inteligent lifes from other worlds coming to Earth to observe, investigate, suggest, help (or jinx, it happens-abducctions ex) this rare and unexplored world for them?? (Probably not that rare)

    I remember when all the famous astronomers and scientists made that table saying of the billions and billions of stars, the posibility of life in just one galaxy, could make for millions of inteligent life populated worlds. and just is one galaxy.

            I just love to dream. Theosophy does'nt take off my dream. it just makes it more rich. Why complicate with absurd "ethereal" "bubbling" theories??? Why not just surrender to the obvious???


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