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Re: Theos-World kundaliny

Oct 09, 2000 10:36 AM
by Joleen D. Du Bois

Dear MKR,
Here is a compilation of information written on the subject of Kundalini:



"First of all, one should recognize the centrifugal aspect of the heart and
study outward from it, not inward toward it. The solar plexus is the
antechamber of the temple of the heart. The kundalini is the laboratory of
the heart. The brain and all the centers are the estates of the heart,
because nothing can exist without the heart. Even the brain can be
supplemented to a certain degree. Even the Kundalini can be somewhat
nourished by a manifestation of electricity, and the solar plexus can be
strengthened by glue light. But the heart stands as the temple of humanity.
One cannot conceive of the unity of humanity by way of the brain or the
kundalini, but the radiance of the heart can bring together the most
seemingly varied organisms, even across remote distances. This experiment,
of the unification of hearts across distance, awaits its workers." (From
Heart, Para 339 - © 1975 Agni Yoga Society)

"Kundalini, is the very same force, or psychic force, that acts through the
center at the base of the spine. But it manifests through the heart in
highly evolved spirits. In the past centuries attention was directed mainly
to the center of Kundalini for attainment of the visible result of the
action of psychic energy. But in the coming epoch, with the worlds coming
closer to each other (higher and lower worlds), the center of the heart will
be especially intensified. Action through the center of Kundalini is
convincing and real chiefly in the earthly condition, whereas for attaining
the higher worlds and for the sojourn in them it is essential to refine the
energy of the heart." (Letters of Helena Roerich, Vol II. P. 332 ©Agni Yoga

"Agni Yoga is not only a progressive development of human possibilities; it
should effect the combination with the cosmic energies which reach our
planet at a prescribed period. This fact must be understood with surety.
Otherwise a seeming succession of sickness will spread, and their treatment
by external measures will bring on the most disastrous results.

"How can one be cured of this manifestation of fires? They can only be
utilized as a useful psychically active force. How can one cure pains in the
spine if they are correlated with the awakening of the Kundalini? He who
knows will welcome and aid it by rubbing in mint. How can we stop the
burning of the third eye if it begins to function? Is it not more rational
to help its development, shielding it from the sun? Long ago people knotted
their hair on the crowns of their heads, in order to protect this channel.
Can one stop the functioning of the solar plexus if it begins to rotate?
Each outrage of the solar serpent may culminate in injury to the brain.
Equally dangerous is an interruption of the functioning of the center of the
Chalice. Of course, poisoning by opium intercepts the movement of the
centers; but, then, decapitation would be simpler! (Agni Yoga, para 220 ©
1952 Agni Yoga Society)

"Whoever understands the addition of the Chalice to the Kundalini will
understand how the father transmits the earthly kingdom to the son. The
Kundalini is the father, the generator of the ascent. The Chalice is the
son, awakened by the father. Whoever realizes the essence of the father
will, at the change of races, understand the son. The Chalice of attainment
initiates action. Thus nothing is rejected, but only strengthened. Let the
Eye of Brahma be the natural supplement to this condition. (Agni Yoga, para
549 © Agni Yoga Society)

"Some say that work can be fatiguing and even injurious to the health. Thus
say lazy and inert people.

"Understand that work properly apportioned cannot in itself be fatiguing.
One should understand how to effect a proper change of the group of working
nerves, and then no fatigue can find access. Do not try to find rest in
idleness. Idleness is but the microbe of indolence. Muscles may ache after
tension, but you have but to plunge into idleness to begin to feel the full
pain. Whereas, by calling into action the opposite centers one can
completely avoid the reflex of the previous tension. Indeed, implicit
herein is a great mobility, which is developed by conscious experience.

"When a physician prescribes a diversified treatment, time and opportunities
are found to carry it out. In the same way one can find a rational change
of work. This concerns all kinds of labor.

"It is sad to come upon that immobility of mind which impedes the work of
the higher centers.

"It must be kept in mind that certain bodily positions should be avoided--or
at least often changed. Stooping from a standing position interferes with
the solar plexus. Throwing the head back hampers the brain centers. Arms
stretched forward overburden the center of the aorta. Lying on the back may
impede the center of kundalini, though it also may stimulate it. Clear
thinking may come with a rush when the position of the light is improved.
One has but to turn oneself toward the light or away from it and the
reaction is perceptible. First of all, remember that each position has its
advantage, but if one is turned into a weather-vane for every shifting wind,
then the system of ascent will be disrupted."

(LEAVES OF MORYA'S GARDEN II 1925 PAGE 215-216 ©Agni Yoga Society)

"Before you is another manifestation of a high degree - the Kundalini
bestirs itself from its base to the very highest joint. The pharyngeal
glands are highly inflamed, but this physical aspect is indispensable for
the fiery reaction. In this condition the Kundalini acts at the furthest
distances. You realize how necessary just now is this reaction of Urusvati.
Without this fiery action, there could have been no victory. But the battle
is difficult indeed, and the waves of attacks are increasing. Therefore, let
us be very cautious. Let us be attentive, benevolent, and very careful."

FIERY WORLD I (1933) paragraph 72 ©1969 Agni Yoga Society)

"The inner Lotus can be observed open as well as closed. When the
protective purple aura is needed, it can be seen how the petals of the Lotus
contract and become covered by the precipitations of the blood vessels.
During such a manifestation an experienced Yogi realized that great danger
is near. As in nature, long before the clouds appear the petals of flowers
turn increasingly toward the sun or at twilight promptly fold up, so also
the Fiery Lotus senses the approach of cosmic storms. And through the
development of Yoga one can observe a similar tension also in the outer
Lotus. Thus is called the circular rotation of the Kundalini, which touches
the chief centers, and forms, as it were, the outer Lotus of defense. This
particular tension is usually preceded by the manifestation of arrows, which
has already been spoken about. The outer Lotus is also called an armor. We
consider its formation not only a sign of danger but also of the attainment
of a degree of Yoga."

FIERY WORLD I (1933) para 76 © 1969 Agni Yoga Society

"The convulsions observed represent a significant manifestation. A refined
organism mirrors the Macrocosm, and first of all reacts in striking
concordance with the motion of the planet. A convulsion of the planet
cannot fail to be reflected upon the fiery body. Not only earthquakes but
all of the hidden internal convulsions of the planet will not pass unnoticed
by the fiery heart. Furthermore, as a planetary convulsion is accompanied
by pressure upon the poles, so the convulsion of the body may be accompanied
by pressure on the Kundalini and the third eye. Energy can also stream from
the extremities, just as there can be a contraction of the earthly crust
during an internal convulsion--truly, man is a microcosm.

(FIERY WORLD I para 537© 1933 Agni Yoga Society)

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> Many may not have seen what Roerichs wrote, including myself. So it would
> benefit some of us; please post what info you have.
> mkr

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