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Re: Theos-World Re: Aryel Sanat, Inner Life of Krishnamurti

Apr 29, 2000 08:40 AM

In a message dated 4/28/00 11:58:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< I have very much appreciated THE INNER LIFE OF KRISHNAMURTI for 
 several reasons.
 1.  For putting in such plan language a picture of K that make so much 
 sense after reading all the little bits about him and listening to many 
 people for years now.
 2.  For the reputable way you speak of the teachers of HPB.
 3.  Shedding your light on CWL.  I have for a long time been very sad 
 because of the early days of the TS, and the way it dealt with K both 
 during the time the TS fostered him and after he chose to dismantle the 
 orders they had built for him and the later harsh criticism of K by some of 
 the prominent TS members.
 It seemed to me that the early TS tried to build a religion about K and 
 almost turned itself into a religion to simply support his teachings.  This 
 has always sat very badly with me and seemed to me the reason why K had no 
 choice but to move on.  He certainly had to dismantle the orders built 
 around him if he was going to really reach out to people who would truly 
 listen to what he had to say.  I don't know if he actually ever really left 
 the TS, I think it is more the people around at the time that left him 
 because he wouldn't accept the model they had built for him.
 I am a member of the TS in New Zealand with a very strong interest in what 
 HPB and her Mahatmas were trying to say and do.  I picked up the book while 
 I was at Krotona in Ojai last month for a 6 week study program.
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Dear John,
Thanks for your comments.  It's only too bad you went to Ojai AFTER we left.  
We were there for a book signing in February, and had an opportunity to meet 
with both members of the TS & the Krishnamurti Foundation of America.  Our 
time with Joy Mills, Mark Lee & Evelyne Blau were especially precious, 
particularly since they all appreciate the book the way you do (though not 
necessarily from exactly the same perspective), while at the same time 
wanting to explore more deeply into more challenging territory, which we did.
We have been invited for a book tour in Hawaii (time not yet set, but 
probably sometime later this year, or next year).  It would be absolutely 
wonderful if we could hop on over Down Under, & meet you personally.  If you 
think such a thing could be set up, please let us know.  Even if it is not 
possible on that occasion, we will definitely be going your way at some time 
in the future, since I know that in Australia and New Zealand these issues 
are studied more deeply than in other areas of the world.
What you say about K not leaving the TS (but being abandoned by the TS 
leadership) is true, despite the enormous amount of misinformation there is 
out there about this.  After Mrs. Besant died in 1933, K went to Adyar & gave 
a series of talks, in which many of these issues were addressed (this is 
easily available in K's Collected Writings, & in the Chetana series).  
Shortly thereafter, when George Arundale became President of the TS, K went 
back to his rooms in Adyar, & found all his things packed in suitcases 
outside the door.  So much for a brotherly spirit!
Shortly before Radha Burnier became President in 1980, K spoke to her about 
how the land in the TS was sacred, & was meant for the transformative work he 
had engaged in all his life -- which was connected with the original sacred 
mission of the TS, ACCORDING TO K.  He encouraged her to run for President, 
to help in that true mission of the TS.  This is in Pupul Jayakar's book on 
K's life, which is particularly relevant, since Pupul does not show any 
sympathy for the TS in her work, and clearly has no understanding of the 
value of theosophy, given numerous erroneous and/or misrepresenting comments 
she makes.
I too have had a deep interest in the early work of HPB & her teachers, a 
passion I developed in the 1960s by a very close association with Fritz Kunz 
(who was always giving various seminars on The Secret Doctrine.  I also got 
deeply involved in Fritz's work in his Foundation for Integrative Education, 
& had the opportunity to participate in numerous seminars led by top people 
in various fields (physics, biology, sociology, but also people like the Lama 
Anagarika Govinda), mostly having to do with the sciences & the need to 
reconcile them with the humanities.
I feel I was extraordinarily fortunate, because, at the same time, I had 
another formidable teacher of the SD, Dr. William Beller. He had been a ULT 
member for many years, & then changed his membership to the "Adyar" TS.  
Beller was the most extraordinary expounder of the SD I've ever known about, 
bar none.  In the process of answering to questions (meaning he was totally 
unprepared for what these might be), he'd quote long passages from the SD & 
other works, & often give you the page numbers, without looking at any books 
or notes.  He had even more remarkable abilities when it came to poetry, 
which he quoted all the time.  He seemed to have most important English 
poetry in his head, & would call up on it, always accurately, always 
meaningfully, always relevantly.  What a man!  I remember I could not 
understand at all why the members did not realize what an extraordinary asset 
they had.  I was just in my late teens & early twenties, & felt deeply 
privileged that he extended a hand of friendship, which led to my deepening 
understanding of the SD.  Most members would see him as "an old man" who was 
cranky & just interested in "that old stuff."  I could never figure it out.  
Still can't.
That is, in fact, an excellent reason why it is wonderful that there is a 
Pasadena TS & a ULT.  These organizations have preserved the original works & 
teachings, & treasure them, as they should be.  That has made it possible for 
the "Adyar" TS to explore other areas which are also important.  After all, 
life is not just about studying the SD, & -- lest we forget -- it was the 
Adyar TS that gave us K.  Which leads me to another thing I've never been 
able to figure out.  Perhaps someone out there can help me, if not you:  Why 
do people in these various organizations bicker endlessly?  You see it all 
the time in these e-mail lists.  Don't they see that in the very act of 
bickering they are slapping the faces of the Founders?  I can't figure it 
out.  ALL of these groups have something important to offer.
None of the leaders are perfect, beginning with HPB.  But it seems to me 
idiotic to focus on people's shortcomings.  Why not take what is valuable in 
each, & feel immensely grateful one has encountered such gems -- in the mud?  
THAT, to me, is the symbolism of the white lotus, with its roots in the mud, 
but its lovely petals yearning towards the sun, in the open air.  Some people 
are deeply intrigued by the muddy roots.  Then, they rake up the mud some 
more, darkening the otherwise limpid waters.  Why they do this, I cannot 
understand altogether.  It's so silly, apart from being dangerous, & useless 
in one's daily life -- & think of all those negative neurotransmitters, 
circulating through the organisms of such persons!  It just baffles me.
Anyway, since those days, I've pursued that study intensely, & have written 
about a dozen books, some of them dealing with theosophy as taught by HPB & 
her teachers, some of it revealing a number of factors critical for 
understanding the true historical significance of the TS, K, & related 
subjects, some of it having to do more directly with K.  But so far, none of 
it is published, except for a couple of papers, one on K & the SD, the other 
showing that the true teaching of the SD is actually transformation, which 
happens to be also the central point of K's work.
Again, thanks for your comments.  I look forward to closer ties between us.

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