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Theos-World The Causeless Cause and the First Cause

Apr 25, 2000 02:20 PM
by Eugene Carpenter


My understanding is that the Causeless Cause is Parabrahm/Mulaprakriti and
the First Cause is the First Logos or Brahma(neutral) at what one might
refer to as the Cosmic Atmic level.

The Cosmic Monad on it's own level, the Cosmic Monadic Plane or Paranirvana,
is Parabrahma/Mulaprakriti and is the Causeless Cause.  This is when the All
is +ACI-at rest+ACI-.

The Cosmic Monad then manifests through the Cosmic Atma-Buddhi or the first
and the second Logos during the manifesting phase.  It is this Cosmic Atma
or Brahma(neutral) that is referred to as the First Cause not the Causeless
Cause.  The Causeless Cause is beyond the First Cause.

This may be an important distinction.  This is why the term Monad refers to
either the monad on the monadic plane or to Atma-Buddhi.  All depends on the
context.  I suppose that most often the term refers to Atma-Buddhi, as the
wise refrain from speculating on the monad out of manifestation.


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