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RE: DTB = L Theos-World Original theosophical principles and subsequent writings

Apr 26, 2000 02:20 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

April 25th 2000


Dear Friends:

The only purpose for referring back to the "Original Teachings"
is that subsequent views, commentaries, questions, conclusions
might be checked with them.

The "Original Teachings" are the presentation of THEOSOPHY to us
by HPB without whom there would be no "Theosophy" to consider.
No one can belittle her work in terms of eclectic scholarship and
range of knowledge in almost all the departments of religion,
philosophy and Science -- drawn on from all parts of the world
and all eras in history and pre-history.  A reading of ISIS
UNVEILED and the SECRET DOCTRINE will make this plain.

No one prevents the reading, consideration and study of what
subsequent writers and commentators offer.  Many good things are
to be found in those.  But discrimination and persistent search
is needed by each student, to verify the accuracy of what is
taught in the "Original writings."  Without that knowledge, there
is confusion. One has to be able to ascertain first, what the
logic of the "Original Teachings" is.  Then, the extent to which
those (new writings) are in line with, or divergent from the
"Original Teachings."  Thus only, a greater degree of trust (or
mistrust) in those writings and writers develops.  All such
writers ought to invite the closest scrutiny of their
presentations. This is in line with the concept that in Theosophy
we are dealing with truth and facts -- which are open to

There is no question that "inspirational" and "intuitive"
insights arise.  But those do not contradict the established
basis, they provide analogies and expressions that make the
meaning plainer.  To be true, then, they are developments FROM
the "original BASES," and not contradictory TO them.  Theosophy
teaches that true Intuition is a Buddhic faculty.  Buddhi (wisdom
and discrimination) is the human "principle" above the Mind
(Manas) and is next to ATMA -- SPIRIT.  It deals with universals
and with truths -- as, for instance, the records in the Akasa of
all past events -- and is not in any way personality or selfishly
oriented.  It makes no claim for exclusiveness, nor does it
demand any special recognition.  [ see KEY TO THEOSOPHY and use
the Index, for references in the text on the  subject of Buddhi,
Intuition, Manas, Mind, etc... ]

As an example, take what I now write:  It is either reasonable or
it is not.  I make claims for THEOSOPHY.  Do those, who consider
the claims, know what HPB's Theosophy teaches?  Can this be
verified? [ SD I 272-3 for instance, and KEY TO THEOSOPHY as
above mentioned ].

It has been found on comparison, that in many cases, comments
made subsequent to the teachings of HPB are divergent --
apparently for many reasons.  The value of those needs to be
probed.  The claim to "inspiration" is one that needs to be
carefully analyzed with the originals.  Original Theosophy is a
unified and coherent system.  If a new presentation falls within
the boundaries that link all Laws and Facts, no one will object
to those writings.  But, to deny the right to make such a probe,
is just as suspicious as a claim to their being a "new
revelation."  Is such a "revelation" (or "Inspiration") an
accurate depiction of FACTS in NATURE ?  Where can it be verified
independently ?

Theosophy is not a "revelation."  It is a carefully detailed
presentation of ancient and continued  research into that WISDOM
(knowledge of Laws and Facts) that is inherent in Nature, and
that had been researched, probed and pursued by the Great Lodge
of Adepts down the ages.  They have found the evidence has been
expressed in all ancient and modern religions, sciences and
philosophies.  To this has been added information that leads the
modern student to prove for himself the logic and validity of any
of the statements made by HPB and the Masters of Wisdom on behalf
of THEOSOPHY.  There is adequate evidence from the writings
currently being made, to show that the study of Theosophy is
being pursued and used by the brightest minds of our era.

Contemporary writing, to be true to the originals, may use a
different set of words, but the links of fact and logic do not
alter.  If one translates Theosophy from English to French, or
into, say, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Hindustani, Arabic, Tamil,
Russian, and so forth, there are bound to be some alteration of
expression as the exact words may not exist in the comparative
language.  In which case the deeper (heart) knowledge of the
translator is drawn on to maintain the thread of accuracy.  It is
the same thing with modern writings.

Those in search of novelty, or who seek to say: "I am the first
to discover..." forget that Nature already contains EVERYTHING.
All that any investigator does is to uncover those secrets and
show how they are working, invisibly, but all the time, they were
there FIRST.  Law operates incessantly in all departments of
Nature from the smallest to the greatest.  The Quark and the
UNIVERSE are seen to be united by a single framework of LAW and
intermeshing Laws.

HPB's Theosophy is like a "touchstone."  If one desires to find
out how much gold is in an alloy, one rubs a little of it on to
the touchstone and then compares the color with an original

Similarly with comments made after HPB died.  They need to be
carefully checked with what HPB has written.  The deepest
research in mathematics, chemistry, astro-physics, or any Science
starts with expressions of simple propositions (such as we learn
in our schools) and these do not vary, no matter how complex
current study is.  So also with Theosophy.  The "ORIGINAL BASIS '
will be found to be invariable and unalterable.

I believe that this is so, as Theosophy expresses the "moral
(ethical)" -- the motivational and causal aspect of any work or
research done.  It is in this area of religion and human
psychology that we find the greatest amount of problems and
views.  Primarily, it is because our recognition of the MIND and
the DESIRE-nature (as being separate principles in man) is still
to be matured.  With Theosophy it is mature and has been
investigated.  The information concerning that is made available
in Theosophical doctrines. [ The KEY TO THEOSOPHY presents a very
detailed set of explanations on the 7 "principles" of Man, and
shows how they serve to explain the complex nature of his
consciousness. ]

In order for any "new" work to be done in any of the many
departments of Science one invariably finds that there is a
building on facts discovered and described. As fresh layers of
Natures' operations are opened to view, they are found to be in
line with facts and laws that were earlier discovered and
recorded. All Science does that.  No one objects to that.

Best wishes,



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<< All this is quite clearly elaborated on from
 >theosophical standpoint in the Proem of the Secret Doctrine, as
well as in
 >the Ocean of Theosophy. >>

Bravo Leon,

You prove a point that I have been pondering on for quite some
time now. I
call it "intuitive extension." It goes to all students who demand
a straight
reading of the so called original or unedited texts of the SD or
other HPB
works. If all one does is read her writings and re-articulate it,
modified, to fit the points they are trying to make, I think they
fall short
of what is possible when in the presence of inspired material.
The purpose of
inspirational material to inspire one to transcend the
limitations of
linearity and form. When one is inspired, one can be in touch
with their
higher self and its intuitive faculties. That is shown most
powerfully by
your rendering of the Proem in the SD. In my opinion we are
called upon to
constantly intuit the contemporary meaning of ancient wisdom
The unending quotes of chapter and verse by HPB or any
theosophical writer
does not necessarily lead to emerging intuitive insights if one
is not free
to respond to the meaning of what they see in their own
particular fashion.
WHAT DOES IT MEAN NOW!  That seems to be the real trick to
understanding the
value of sacred wisdom. Your interpretation of the science within
the proem
is a perfect case in point.  Thanks.


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