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Re: Theos-World Fundamental theosohical principles and theirrelationship tos...

Apr 25, 2000 01:47 AM
by Teos9

In a message dated 04/23/00 1:18:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< All this is quite clearly elaborated on from
 >theosophical standpoint in the Proem of the Secret Doctrine, as well as in
 >the Ocean of Theosophy. >>

Bravo Leon,

You prove a point that I have been pondering on for quite some time now. I 
call it "intuitive extension." It goes to all students who demand a straight 
reading of the so called original or unedited texts of the SD or other HPB 
works. If all one does is read her writings and re-articulate it, slightly 
modified, to fit the points they are trying to make, I think they fall short 
of what is possible when in the presence of inspired material. The purpose of 
inspirational material to inspire one to transcend the limitations of 
linearity and form. When one is inspired, one can be in touch with their 
higher self and its intuitive faculties. That is shown most powerfully by 
your rendering of the Proem in the SD. In my opinion we are called upon to 
constantly intuit the contemporary meaning of ancient wisdom philosophies.  
The unending quotes of chapter and verse by HPB or any theosophical writer 
does not necessarily lead to emerging intuitive insights if one is not free 
to respond to the meaning of what they see in their own particular fashion. 
WHAT DOES IT MEAN NOW!  That seems to be the real trick to understanding the 
value of sacred wisdom. Your interpretation of the science within the proem 
is a perfect case in point.  Thanks.


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