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Apr 23, 2000 12:52 PM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

April 23rd 2000


Requests were received to continue this survey some more is added
below .

Theosophy is a report on the HISTORY of research conducted by the
Wise men, the Sages and Adepts of this Earth for many, many
thousands of years.  [SD I 272-3]

This may sound like a wild claim, as the artifacts of the past
that are so far discovered seem to limit  records of writing and
building to about 7,000 to 15,000 years in the past.  This is an
estimate, which  has grown in depth.  100 years ago, this
estimate covered a time-slab of only 4 to 6,000 years in the

Theosophy gives us a survey of the record and sequence of the way
in which Evolution proceeded, and is being carried on at present
and into the future.  We are all involved in it, and, in our own



>From that which was last written:

	Universal Brotherhood

"Each Manvantara is for the same end and purpose, so that the
Mahatmas (Great Souls) who have now attained those heights, or
those who may
become such in the succeeding years of the present Manvantara,
will probably be the "Planetary Spirits" of the next Manvantara
for this or other planets. This system is thus seen to be based
upon the identity of Spiritual Being, and, under the name of
"UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD," it constitutes the fundamental idea of
the Theosophical Movement, whose object is the realization of
that Brotherhood among men.

	Purusha - the Spirit

The Adept Sages say that this Purusha/SPIRIT is the basis of all
manifested objects. Without it nothing could exist or cohere. It
interpenetrates everything everywhere. It is the reality of
which, or upon which, those things called real by us are mere

As Purusha (Spirit) reaches to and embraces all beings, they are
all connected together; and in or on the plane where that Purusha
is, there is a perfect consciousness of every act, thought,
object, and circumstance, whether supposed to occur there, on
this plane, or any other. For below the spirit and above the
intellect is a plane of consciousness in which experiences are
noted, commonly called man's "spiritual nature;" this is
frequently said to be as susceptible of culture as is, also, his
body or his mind and intellect."  It is this that is called the
"Monad" or
Spirit/Matter in close union."

	[ New material:  Part II

		Akasha - the Spiritual Plane

This upper plane ( sometimes called by the old Hindu term
"Akasa" --  or the illimitable 'sky')  is the real (and
universal) register of all sensations and experiences, although
there are other registering planes. It is sometimes called the
"universal subconscious mind."  Theosophy, however, holds that it
is a misuse of terms to say that the "spiritual nature" can be

The real object to be kept in view is to so open up or make
porous our "lower nature" so that the spiritual nature may shine
through it and become the guide and ruler.

	Making the Body Porous to the Spiritual

It can be said to be "cultivated," only in the sense of having a
vehicle (form or body) prepared for its use, into which it may
"descend."  In other words, it is held that the Real Human, who
is the Higher Self-being, the Spark of the Divine, overshadows
each visible human being -- which thus has the possibility of
becoming united to that Spark.  It is the human being in this,
our day to day Earth environment, that has to recognize the
Spirit within, and then, make an effort to cement a continuous
contact with IT.

	The Spiritual HIGHER SELF (ATMA) -- and the Monad (Atma-Buddhi)

It is said that the Higher SPIRIT (ATMA)  is not "in" the man,
but "above" him. It is described as always peaceful, unconcerned,
blissful, and full of absolute knowledge. It continually partakes
of the universal Divine state, being continually that state
itself, "conjoined with the Gods, it feeds upon Ambrosia."  All
such Spirits know each other and are in continuous rapport. The
object of the student is to let the Light of that Spirit shine
through the lower coverings which we use as our body on this
earth.  They have to be remade by us into a transparency (so to
say) that enables the Spiritual Light of Wisdom (accurate
knowledge of Law) to shine through them.

The Monad (Atma-Buddhi) forms the link between the man of "clay"
on earth and the SPIRIT-Man above each of us.  Buddhi is the
culmination and record of all experiences acquired in our past
incarnations.  It speaks to us, as this record of experience when
we are about to make choices -- as "the Voice of Conscience."
Constructively, it can occasionally be invoked, and then we say
"Intuition" spoke.  "Spiritual cultivation" is a process whereby
this dialog can be made permanent.

This "spiritual culture" is only made possible, or, attainable,
as the grosser interests, desires, cravings, passions, and
"demands of the flesh" are subordinated to the interests,
aspirations and needs of the Higher Nature; and this is a matter
of both system and established law.  We have to realize that the
Spiritual Nature (Atma-Buddhi) is opposite to the personal and
the "selfish self," (Kama) which tends to create an isolation for
itself, a state of armed siege -- of doubt, suspicion and
self-defence -- in which the whole of Nature (out there) is
regarded as "the enemy."

This Spirit can only become the Ruler when a firm intellectual
acknowledgment or admission is first made that IT alone is. We
have to admit that after even a long life in any one body, it
becomes worn-out and "dies."  What then, if anything, survives?
What has all our earthly effort actually done?  Is anything
"saved" from it?

	Permanent Man

As already stated, it (the Spiritual Being) is not only at the
core of each person, but is also as the Spiritual Self,  an
actual living part of the whole, of PERMANENT Nature.  To cement
our direct relationship as we live here and now (in our
Personality), with this Immortal Self, all selfishness must be
eliminated from the lower nature before its divine state can be
reached. So long as the smallest personal or selfish desire --
even for spiritual attainment for "our own sake" -- remains, so
long is the desired end put off. Hence the term "demands of the
flesh" really covers also demands that are not of the flesh, and
its proper rendering would be: "desires of the personal self,
including those of the individual mind-soul" (Lower Manas).

When systematically trained in this system and under universal
Law, humans attain to clear insight into the immaterial,
Spiritual World, and their interior faculties apprehend Truth as
immediately and readily as physical faculties grasp the things of
sense, or mental faculties those of reason.

An ancient Sage said:  "They are able to look directly upon
ideas."  This is Intuition used at will.

	Verification and Testimony

The testimony of those Sages and Masters of Wisdom, as to such
truths in Nature, is as trustworthy as is that of scientists or
philosophers, to facts and truth discovered in their respective
fields.  Every statement is open to being tested and verified.
In fact, the whole of the Theosophical philosophy ought to be
individually probed and tested by each individual student for
themselves.  Nothing ought to be taken on "faith," or "belief."
We should employ our own "spiritual perception" to probe any
proposition that is offered to us by Theosophy to consider.

	Nature already Contains all Things

It is important to recognize that "Nature contains everything."
Our Scientists and Professors are simply investigating and
opening up to view the secret workings of Nature that are already
in place. In this regard one is forced to realize that all these
processes are interlocking, and that the whole of Nature is a
vast living cooperative.  We gradually, using the methods of
Theosophical investigation,  realize this fact.  The whole effort
at self-improvement is entirely self-generated and self-sustained
and in doing so, patience and perseverance are developed, as such
research may take many years.  But it is found that such proofs
as are found by us individually are always constructive and
constantly rewarding.

	Secret Forces in Nature

In the course of this spiritual training such aspirants to become
"Great Men," acquire perception of, and control over, various
forces in Nature unknown to the average men, (much like at
present, advanced research in Science, as in chemistry, physics,
astro-physics, mathematics, etc... is only vaguely grasped by the
average citizen) and thus,  these Sages are able to perform works
usually called "miraculous," though really, they are but the
result of a larger and deeper knowledge of natural law. What
these powers are, may be found described in that ancient book of
psychology and learning from the past, named Patanjali's Yoga
Philosophy.  [ "Patanjali's Yoga Sutras" -- published by
Theosophy Company, Los Angeles ]

Their testimony as to super-sensuous truth, verified by their
possession of such powers, challenges candid examination from
every inquiring mind.

	Earth - A School of Evolution for the Immortal Monads

Turning, to the system recorded as operating in Nature, and now
expounded as "Theosophy" by these Sages, we find an account of
the past and future of this earth ( COSMOGONY -- see "The Secret
Doctrine," Book 1 ).  And the evolution of life through the
"forms" that are seen to be provided by the various kingdoms of
Nature, are commonly called "Kingdoms of nature" :  elemental,
mineral, vegetable, animal and human forms.

The term "Monad" is not yet fully recognized by modern science as
a persisting Unit of Life. Sometimes it has been approached in
concept as a subtle and persistent aspect of Life, in and on
which the effects of the progress in living is recorded as
"heredity, custom, tradition, discipline, etc..."  It is both a
product (experience) that results from living, and a form of life
itself.  Like the "atom" of Science it is held in Theosophic
philosophy to be immortal, eternal (the term a "life-atom" has
been used) and therefore it serves as a basic and permanent
record of all the experience that any individual has been
through.  One might call it the living record of individual
history.  It is at the core of every human being and is an aspect
of the Divine Self, the Higher Self that is the Real immortal
Human Pilgrim.  [ Monad:  see SD I 174-5fn;  619;  629-634 ]

	Kalpas, Manvantaras, Yugas -- all Cycles of Evolution

Each Kalpa, or grand period, is divided into four ages or
"Yugas."  Each lasts many thousands of years, and each one being
marked by a predominant characteristic. These are the Satya-yuga
(or age of "gold," or the morning-light of full Truth),  the
Tretya-yuga (Silver, or the light of the afternoon), the
Dvapara-yuga (bronze, or twilight), and, finally our present
Kali-yuga (or age of iron and of darkness), which began a little
over five thousand years ago. The word "darkness" used here,
refers to spiritual and not material darkness.  ( For the
duration of the Kalpa and the Yugas see SD II 68-70 )

In this "Kali-yuga" age, however, all causes bring about their
effects much more rapidly than in any other age -- a fact due to
the intensified momentum of "evil."  The course of the human
life-wave, as the course of its cycle,  will in time serve to
introduce a fresh cycle that will being back the Cycle of Truth.
It is said that in this dark age, a sincere lover of the race can
accomplish more in three incarnations during Kali-Yuga, than he
could in a much greater number in any other age.

The (spiritual) darkness of this age is not absolute, but is
greater than that of other ages; its main tendency being towards
materialism, and very intense selfishness.  However, there are
some mitigating circumstances in this age which can be called the
occasional ethical or scientific advances that are conducive to
the well-being of the race, by the removal of immediate causes of
crime or disease and the encouragement of concern for the welfare
of endangered species of plants animals and human tribes.

	Seven-fold Earth and Seven-fold Man

Our earth is said (like each human being) to be manifesting as
one of a chain of seven "principles."  To make this clearer, the
Earth that we see and live on, is that representative of the 7
that is alone on the visible plane, while the other 6 are on
different planes, and therefore invisible. (The other planets of
our solar system belong each to its own chain of seven.)

	Spirit involves into Matter -- Forms created

The "life-wave" (of living, eternal pilgrim monads)  passes in
its development and evolution (entering at the highest, most
spiritual level), it then descends gradually over vast periods of
time from "globe A" to "globe D," which is the lowest one in this
chain -- our visible, tangible earth. (see diagram "Secret
Doctrine," Vol. 1, p. 200)  From this present level it begins a
path of ascent, and will pass through the next three Globes ( F
to G ) on the opposite arc.  In the course of a Manvantara (or
period of manifestation) it does this seven times.  Each of such
series of sevens is called a "Round."

The evolution of forms is coincident with this progress, the tide
of life bears with it the mineral and vegetable forms, also
included are the animal forms (but it is to be well understood
that the human form has not "evolved" from any animal form) until
each "Globe" in its turn is ready to receive the Human life wave.
Of these "Globes" our earth is the fourth  (Globe 'D' -- Diagram
SD I 200).
Humanity passes from "Globe" to "Globe," again and again in a
series of 7 Rounds, first circling about each globe, and
reincarnating upon it a number of times, and then proceeding on
to the next "Globe."
[It should be carefully noted that the planets we see in our
Solar System (Mercury, Mars, Venus, etc...) are not these "Earth
globes."  Each Planet has its own 7-fold series of "globes" and
its own humanity evolving there in conditions analogous but not
identical to ours.]

	Rounds, Races, Character and  Temperament

Concerning human evolution on the earlier "globes" comparatively
little is said. We have, as our greatest concern the future of
ourselves on this Globe our Earth alone. The latter, when the
wave of humanity has reached it this latest time (in this, our
Fourth Round), began to evolve man's from, subdividing him into
"Races."  Each of these "Races" (which are graded by temperament
and genial character, and not by color of skin or physiognomy)
when it has, through evolution, reached the period known as "the
moment of choice" and decided its future destiny as an individual
race, begins to disappear.   Its mission has been accomplished
and the divine, immortal Monads (as mind-Egos) pass on to forms
in a new and developing Race with improved characteristics which
will assist the work of building an improved "form" into the
future.  The "Races" are separated from each other by
catastrophes of nature, such as the subsidence of continents and
great natural volcanic and other convulsions. Coincidentally with
the development of new "Races" the development of specialized
senses takes place; thus our fifth race has so far developed five
senses.  A sixth sense is said to be under gradual development.
It has been called "permeability."  [SD I 251,258]

  [ As this is getting to be over long, a 3rd Part is being
prepared. ]

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