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RE: Theos-World Fundamental theosohical principles and their relationship to science.

Apr 21, 2000 04:23 AM
by Barrett Culmback


Thank you for the URLs... most thought-provoking, to put it mildly.  To inject yet another notion into the discussion, I am wondering if anyone has considered the bearing upon Spirit/Mind/Matter as diagrammatically portrayed in the first cited URL, and upon  their temporal implications there, of the idea of Nittyapralaya ... constant creation/dissolution.  If, as HPB states in the SD, "time is the illusion produced by the succession of our states of consciousness as we move from the Eternal Future, through the Eternal Present, into the Eternal Past," then how are we to understand the cyclic nature of manifestation?  Have considered these ideas for some time, and would welcome other's thoughts.

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Subject: Theos-World Fundamental theosohical principles and their
relationship to science.

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>> Without reference to the above mentioned historical review, 
>>but with reference to modern and post modern science, 
>>I hopefully await some intelligent discussions in these 
>>theosophical forums related to the fundamental scientific 
>>principles that underlies all evolution, as well as the scientific 
>>relationships between spirit, mind and matter -- as presented 
>>in the SD and other writings of HPB and her (pseudonymous or 
>>not) Masters KH and M -- and supplemented by other 
>>corroborative writings of William Q. Judge, under their direct 
>Dear Leon,
>Why dont you start the conversation.  What is the most 
>basic fundamental principle that underlies all evolution?

Okay.  Here is how I see it.

The "most basic fundamental principle" is that there are actually three 
fundamental principles that go hand in hand with each other, and act as one. 
These are, (1) the principle of Absolute Origin (2) the principle of Law, and 
(3) the principle and purpose of Evolution 

They are explained, from a "scientific" point of view (with reference to the 
Proem of the Secret Doctrine), as: 
(1); The origin of the Cosmos starting from a "sleeping" zero (laya) point of 
infinite energy and infinite duration, in the form of absolute abstract 
motion -- which has no physical dimensions or other conceivable attributes, 
and potentially exists, in the "emptiness" of absolute abstract space as 
fundamental "cyclic spin" around three primary axes on seven invisible and 
intangible layers or "Robes" -- prior to its periodic "awakening" and 
manifestation. This primal "spinergy" contains, in its holographic 
interference patterns of endless and beginningless circular motion with 
varying degrees of momentum, which, when manifest in lawful degrees or 
"phases" of vibrational energies descending from infinite spirit to finite 
matter, contains all the memories and acquired knowledge of the universe's 
prior existences -- which are accessible to the individual "awareness" 
inherent in the static zero-point itself -- and which, after emanation and 
manifestation, is reflected everywhere.  Upon manifestation into the Cosmos, 
this nonlinear circular motion transforms, after three major phases (logos) 
emanating from each of its 3 spin axis, into a finite harmonic series of 7 + 
7 coenergetic (capable of transforming energy from one field to another) 
vibrational fields, appearing as nonlinear "coadunate but not consubstantial" 
bubbles within bubbles within bubbles, enclosed by continuous loops within 
loops within loops of linear force (the basis of postmodern scientific 
Superstring and M-brane theories), centered around their zero-points of 
potential awareness or consciousness -- in accordance with the second 
fundamental principle of;
(2) The immutable laws of cycles and periodicity -- based on initial circular 
motion -- which is the fundamental governing cause of both karma 
(action-inertia-reaction) and reincarnation (birth-death-rebirth) ... leading 
to the final fundamental principle of; 
(3) Evolution and involution ... Whereby spirit and its root of pure 
consciousness on 7, 10 and 12 levels or "planes" or "coenergetic phases" of 
action potential originating at the zero-point, involutionally transforms 
into matter (with its myriad degrees of forms in 4 physical stages of 
evolution from Mineral to Vegetable to Animal to Man) ... While matter, 
informed by spirit and its associated universal consciousness, and governed 
by fundamental cyclic Law, evolutionally transforms back to spirit and pure 
consciousness at the end of each wakeful phase of manifest existence  This 
process is endless and beginningless and is repeated through varying periods 
of finite time in each subsequent descending and ascending sub cycle of 
universal evolution - with all zero-points of consciousness gaining 
appropriate degrees of experience along the way -- subject to their 
individual karma.  ("As above, so below" -- according to the ancient occult 
catechism attributed to Hermes.)  The third principle also states, from a 
theosophical standpoint, that the purpose of this evolutionary process is for 
the "experience of the soul." All this is quite clearly elaborated on from a 
theosophical standpoint in the Proem of the Secret Doctrine, as well as in 
the Ocean of Theosophy.

For a simplified symbolic diagrammatic look at how these ascending and 
descending fields of force evolve prior to their breaking of symmetry  (due 
to the particularized holographic memories, images and inherent knowledge 
associated with each field's and subfield's coincident zero-points and their 
resonant interferences with the memories and their volitional actions, or 
karma, in adjoining fields) -- along with their theosophical and scientific  
correlations, see my web sites at:

For a further discussion of how these principles underlie our human 
consciousness and perception, see my web site at: 

I hope this is a satisfactory start, and would be pleased to answer any 
questions, and consider any suggestions or comments related to correlations 
between theosophical principles and all disciplines of current science -- 
which, as HPB predicted is now approaching the fundamental truths of 
theosophy, through the interdisciplinary field of "consciousness studies," . 



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