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Theos-World Can we still see the light?

Apr 18, 2000 11:06 AM

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful king and a wonderful queen who 
brought the fire of light to all the people. They begat princes and 
princesses who became known as Pandus/half and Kurus/half 
The .com's and the .org's began to quarrel. But they begat the Pandus/half 
light/quarter's and the Kurus/half dark/three quarter's. 
The quarrels began to take many forms. Some said only history is important 
but the history began to take on many forms. They produced numerous data 
files. Some said only those who received E-mail letters from the king and the 
queen were those who had inherited the light. But others said they did not 
really receive E-mail letters even though they said they had received E-mail 
letters. Others said that only the Pandus/half light/quarter's were 
to be chiefs and they had proof. But, the Kurus/half dark/three 
quarter/'s said they were to be chiefs and they had the proof.

One day a little child came forth and said, "Can I see the light"? The 
descendants of the .com's and .org's began to pour forth 1000's of .tsa, .ts 
and .ult data files making the child very frightened. The child said, "Can we 
find the light together"? Sadness came over the land but embers still glowed 
here and there giving some hope to the child.

Jim & Sally Colbert

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