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Theos-World Re: BnBasic rejection

Apr 17, 2000 06:59 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Thank you for info how to remove from the list what I do now.
I think you say not the truth.
I believe you are limited to your sectarian interests.
ULT members on your list is allowed to persecute a direct messenger from the
Masters and every factual argumentation against that slanders are forbidden.
You have no right to make use of the name Blavatsky.

> Dear Frank,
> Your two posts entitled, "Re: Joe and Dallas on Mrs. Katherine
> Tingley and her relationship to WQ Judge," have been rejected by
> BnBasic. We are on another topic now. If you want to be removed
> from the list, go to the BlavatskyNet website, select members, fill in the
> form, and enter resign.
> Adelasie
> Moderator

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