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Theos-World Re: comments on Tingley

Apr 16, 2000 04:18 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> Dear Frank,
> Your comments on Katherine Tingley are way off the current topic now.  So
> they were rejected at Bnstudy.
> Reed

Dear Pope,

I am sorry that I was not bound to your sectarian interests.
Please let me remind you that Jerome began the discussion about KT with
slanders and lies against her
and Dallas asked me for more information.
That I did.
Sorry that in a CENSORED ULT-list which claims the name of HPB you fear open
discussions among the list members, the more when it deals with KT, who was
close associated with HPB. Flapdoodles!
Why can't people come do their OWN conclusions?
Why are we only allowed to read, what YOU like?
I was thinking the ULT has no official leaders? And now comes out the ULT
has a pope!!!
Excuse me, dear HPB, they don't know what they do!
Please cancel me from your list!


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